The wicked foxes and the Lion.

Moral: When enemies fall out, you get benefited.

There lived a lion in a forest. Along with lion, there lived two foxes who were it’s advisors. They stayed with the lion and ate whatever is left by the lion. The lion had a cub. The lion used to take its small cub to teach it hunting.

The foxes used to guard the cave that has meat of animal that the lion hunted on that day. One day as usual, the lion along with its cub went out of cave for teaching the cub hunting.

The foxes were having a talk on the best meat in the world. They seemed happy as they tasted every animal meat in the forest. But one of the foxes told that they never had meat of a lion. So they felt that they should even eat a lion someday.

The foxes discussed about how they can find lion’s meat. But it’s impossible for them to kill a lion as it’s so powerful. They thought for a while and came up with a plan.

They can’t kill a fully grown lion but they can kill a lion cub and fulfill their desire by eating it. So they decided to trick the lion and take the cub for a walk to long distance. Then they can kill the cub and eat it. After that they can blame some hyena killed the lion. That’s the plan they came up with.

After that they started discussing about who would taste the lion cub’s meat first. They both started arguing that each of them want to taste the meat first. Both didn’t settle and the argument continued and fight began between them.

They said, “I will have the cub first”

Meanwhile the lion and its cub arrived near the cave and heard them fighting about who can have lion cub’s meat first. The lion heard it and came before the foxes and in fear they stopped in fear and told everything and they complained on each other.

The lion became furious and killed both the foxes for their disloyalty and wickedness. The foxes fallout helped the lion seee their true nature.

Moral: When enemies fall out, you get benefited.

Even in human life, we all have enemies and these enemies become friends to harm us but their relation is temporary and weak. Their fallout helps you know the upcoming danger from them. This helps you to be alert and careful.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde

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