The wrongful right fox

There lived a group of foxes in a forest. They traveled the same path, which is free of barriers every day, to reach a place where they find their food. They even took their baby foxes to make them habituated to that path. No babies asked why only that path. They followed their parents and skulk blindly.

During their journey, they have two routes to take, but they walk on the regular one as there are rumors that the other path is harmful, and it’s filled with lions, tigers, and other wild animals. There are even rumors that whoever takes that path will never return.

A baby fox asked its mother and came to know about the rumor. The other route was never walked, and it's full of greenery. The baby fox was eager to find out the truth and decided to walk along that dangerous route.

Everyone said it's harmful, but the curiosity of the fox is increasing more and more every day. One day, while walking, the baby fox separated from the group and started walking on the dangerous path.

After a while, all the foxes reached their place and found that the baby fox was missing. They were very worried, and the mother fox started weeping. All while walking back waited at the entrance of the dangerous route, hoping that the baby fox would return.

The mother fox tried to get in. But the other foxes stopped it. It was already dawn. The baby fox returned happily, and all the foxes were surprised. The mother fox hugged its baby and wept happily.

The baby fox explained it enjoyed a lot on that route and there was nothing harmful as said. It also fed on some small tasty animals which they had never eaten before. The route took it to a place that is filled with beauty and tasty food.

All foxes felt proud of the baby fox and appreciated it. Even the foxes who cursed the baby fox for not listening to them started praising it and even shared the news with other animals.

The baby fox is the symbol of bravery. It took a different route and proved that taking a risk is worthy.

Even in our lives, we listen to our family, friends, and society. We forgot to take risks. We follow the paths shown by others blindly and, finally; we kill ourselves by killing our curiosity in us. People who cursed you will appreciate you when you take that risk and succeed.



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Manikanta Belde

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