Deflating the Hype Bubble?

Brian N. Siegelwax
The Modern Scientist


Analyzing Coverage of QuEra’s Roadmap

While QuEra Computing is claiming to be ushering in “the era of logical qubits and quantum error correction,” they’re doing something that I would personally classify as just as interesting, if not more so. They’re ushering in the era of questioning whether or not quantum news is hype.

Don’t get me wrong; my news feeds are mostly the mindless regurgitation of QuEra’s announcement. But I’m not the only one digesting the announcement and thinking, “wait a minute… this is actually plausible.”

What’s being said about it?

Prof. John Preskill: “ambitious but not crazy”

Prof. Michael Biercuk: “exciting roadmap and certainly seems feasible”

Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI): “future roadmap timelines are broadly in line with its existing track record”

Ars Technica: “while this road map seems optimistic and aggressive, it doesn’t seem completely ludicrous”

Chris Green: “their background and progress suggest this might be more than just hype”

And, for the record:

Brian Siegelwax: “ambitious, but not overly so”

See the trend?