Hype-Detecting Browser Extension

Brian N. Siegelwax
The Modern Scientist


Highlights the Jackwords in red, hypewords in orange, and weasel words in yellow.

I have uploaded to Payhip version 0.1 of the QuantumHypeDetector. It’s not perfect, but it will highlight words on your webpages that might indicate the presence of hype. This follows the publication of Quantum Hype Suppression, in which I included links to Google News and Bing News classified into five levels of hype, from most severe to least severe.

Technical Disclaimer

Because the QuantumHypeDetector is Javascript, it may interfere with the operation of some websites. For example, I noticed some issues while using LinkedIn and Medium. However, I used other websites just fine. The cautionary tale, though, is to toggle the extension off if it causes any conflicts and toggle it back on before reading quantum news. I went with 0.1 as the version in acknowledgment of this issue.

Red Jackwords

“Jackwords,” as I’m affectionately calling them, are drawn from Jack Krupansky’s Cheat Sheet for Quantum Computing Hype. I’m using a streamlined version of his list to get this started.

Orange Hypewords

“Hypewords,” as I’m calling them, include ambiguity, buzzwords, emotional…