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Things That Matter

Usually, when asked to enlist from the top of our heads what are the most important things in life, we would end up with something like 1. Family 2. Friends and 3. Work. See? Super easy.

Things that matter are different from the things that give us a sense of purpose. Usually, the latter, being our work or professional self, gets mixed up with the former. That’s why, when lost in the middle of our never ending chase of short term rewards, we end up putting item number 3 on the very top of this list.

I blame it on inertia. Just the same way water cups stay put when spinning them on a circular axis, we as humans forget to pause, zoom out and reassess what are the things that truly make us tick.

The beauty of things that matter is that all of them are subjective but easy to spot.

  • Things that matter can be human connections
  • Things that matter can be having infectious laughs
  • Things that matter can be contemplating nature
  • Things that matter can be experiencing music
  • Things that matter can be expressing one-self through art

Not being very much of a spiritual person myself, I’m convinced that this mix of human connections and experiences are the highs worth chasing for in our short lifespan.

But the most important thing is that, all of these moments and interactions cross from the physical world onto our souls sparking something inside us which exposes our true self, these are the things that matter.

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