Behind the Rules of the Road: Belonging

Why “Belonging” is a critical Rule of the Road and what we’ve done to prioritize diversity and inclusion

Team Pete
Team Pete
Jan 28 · 4 min read

From the very beginning, we set out to create a campaign that values diversity and inclusion because we believe it will not only build a better campaign, but ultimately a better country. Pete for America is proud about and committed to creating a culture of inclusion and belonging, and we are committed to living out those values every day across the campaign.

In order to do so, we know we have to be proactive and intentional when it comes to diversity and inclusion. That’s what Pete for America has strived to do and will continue to do by:

Ensuring Pete for America reflects the diversity of the country at every level.

  • In May 2019, we made a commitment that as we expand, we would build a team that is reflective of the country that Pete will serve when he is elected. Today, we’re proud that 40% of our campaign’s senior advisors identify as people of color, 46% of our senior leadership and department heads identify as people of color, 40% of our entire campaign staff identify as people of color, 52% of our staff are women, and 28% of our staff identify as LGBTQ+.

Making “Belonging” one of our Rules of the Road.

  • Our rules of the road are our mission statement and the values we try to live by at PFA every day. One of those values is Belonging and it says:

Supporting the creation of safe, supportive environments where people on staff can speak freely about these issues in a trusted space.

  • We have made it a priority to ensure we are having ongoing conversations about diversity and inclusion throughout the campaign, starting from our earliest days.

Learning from our mistakes and addressing them with intentionality.

  • Part of our commitment is continually improving. When we experienced an internal communications breakdown in our vetting and decision making process this fall, we instituted a review enlisting outside help and adjusted the process to ensure diverse perspectives were included on vetting decisions, and that there were multiple opportunities to flag vetting issues.

Pete for America is committed to creating trusted environments for issues to be raised and addressed within, across and outside the campaign. We are committed to doing everything we can to support our team members and to support every person on #TeamPete. We are proud of our efforts and we are especially proud of our staff.

Living these values, being unafraid of uncomfortable conversations or admitting that we can do better, and being intentional about and creating spaces to address issues, is something we feel must do. It’s also something we feel the country as a whole must do. America’s greatness comes from our diversity, and in order to foster and strengthen our bonds, we must create a nation defined by belonging.

As we move forward, we are going to continue to run a different campaign. We are going to continue to provide safe spaces for our team to talk about these issues, and we will continue to live by our Rules of the Road of belonging, respect, responsibility, and truth.

While some see this as unusual for a campaign or fast moving organization to have these conversations or create these spaces, we hope it becomes ordinary, because we know it is necessary. It won’t always be easy, but it is worth it.

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Notes from Pete Buttigieg, his team, and everyday Americans…

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The Moment by Pete for America

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