Headlines: Pete won the debate.

Team Pete
Team Pete
Oct 18 · 5 min read

This was a huge week for every American who believes our challenges are greater than any one president. Pete Buttigieg took the debate stage and powerfully called for unity and courage over four more years of my-way-or-the-highway. Here are some of our favorite headlines about Pete’s winning night.

The strong showing in the Ohio debate was in no small part reliant on Mr. Buttigieg’s background as a service member and his ability to unpack questions about foreign policy and military intervention better than his opponents that night. His experience as a veteran, paired with his criticism of American conflicts over the last two decades, has the potential to appeal to a broad cross section of moderates and liberals alike.

Buttigieg’s biggest night yet

It was Mr. Buttigieg’s exchange with Ms. Warren over “Medicare for all” that was most memorable, pressing her as she declined to say, yet again, whether her plan would require a middle-class tax increase … It felt at times on Tuesday as if the sprawling 12-person stage had actually narrowed to a four-person debate, with Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders representing the left, and Mr. Biden and Mr. Buttigieg representing the center-left. The occasional television shot of just those four served to hammer home the point.”

Buttigieg won the debate tonight

Mayor Pete did not shy away from mixing it up with his opponents. He was ready to go after Warren’s health care plan and O’Rourke’s gun plan. As a veteran, he showed not only expertise but also strength in his Syria answer. Buttigieg spent the first months of the presidential primary campaign showing us how smart and steeped in policy he is, and tonight he showed us that he is also a fighter.

Grade: A. This was the single best moment of Buttigieg’s campaign for president.

He did well on guns, on impeachment, and particularly on Syria….In this debate, he added a new layer to his national brand: outsider. He kept referring to how he was from “the industrial Midwest” and how Washington had not solved the problems facing a wide swath of the United States. Buttigieg won the debate.

Pete Buttigieg Wins the Night

It’s hard to have a stand-out performance on a crowded stage, where a dozen candidates are not just vying for speaking time, but trying for memorable moments. It’s even harder if you aren’t a top tier candidate. And that makes what South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg did on Tuesday all the more remarkable. The minor city mayor made himself a major player by forcefully underlining his pragmatic, results-oriented liberalism, and not just on domestic policy but on foreign affairs as well.

Why Buttigieg’s moment could last well past the debate

By most accounts, Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Ind., had a great debate Tuesday night. So did Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. But unlike Klobuchar and virtually all other Democratic presidential candidates, Buttigieg has built out a campaign infrastructure that could, in theory, help him sustain momentum from his highly praised performance.

Winners: Pete Buttigieg

South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg was also ready to take some of his more progressive competitors to task on their policies. Buttigieg used forceful rhetoric during the debate … was also able to showcase his experience when talking about foreign policy. “You can put an end to endless war without embracing Donald Trump’s policy,” Buttigieg said. “What we were doing in Syria was keeping our word.”

Buttigieg delivers forceful performance on debate stage

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg delivered a forceful performance during the Democratic debate Tuesday night, demonstrating a rare knack for both rising above the fray and engaging in it […] Buttigieg engaged with his competitors for the Democratic nomination with a ferocity that showed the passion of his beliefs and desire to build a consensus to get things done.

Top takeaways from Pete Buttigieg’s performance at October Democratic debate

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg had one of his most memorable debate performances Tuesday […] Buttigieg differentiated himself from the other candidates by highlighting his military experience when speaking about the withdrawal from Syria. He also used the issue to differentiate himself from Trump.

The exchanges with Warren over health care might be the night’s most memorable.

The exchanges with Warren over health care might be the night’s most memorable. But he also got a chance to tout an element of his own biography — his military service — in clashing with Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the only other military veteran in the field, over her call to end “endless wars.”

Who shined, who fell flat in the fourth 2020 Democratic presidential primary debate?

Pete Buttigieg won tonight’s debate. He was poised and drew clear differences between his policies and the positions of the other candidates. Buttigieg was particularly effective challenging Elizabeth Warren’s reluctance to answer a question about whether her health care plan will raise middle class taxes. Buttigieg challenged both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, two of the top three candidates in national polls.

This week supercharged excitement around our campaign. Help us build on that momentum by chipping in a few dollars.

The Moment by Pete for America

Notes from Pete Buttigieg, his team, and everyday Americans uniting to meet our nation’s urgent challenges.

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The Moment by Pete for America

Notes from Pete Buttigieg, his team, and everyday Americans uniting to meet our nation’s urgent challenges.

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