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Many Ways To Get Tipped On Twitter (And Bitcoin Is Not The Only Crypto You Can Get Paid In)

Credit: Twitter
Tip Creators on Twitter with Basic Attention Token. (Credit: Brave and
Brave Rewards Program: Receive Tips in BAT cryptocurrency (Credit:
  • Brave Browser users earn tokens by surfing the web. People who use the Brave Browser can earn tokens by viewing privacy-respecting ads.
  • Subscribers, followers, or readers that follow you on Twitter can automatically tip a set amount to you each month, or give one-time tips in an amount of their choice.
  • Sign up as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards. By signing up as a verified content creator on Brave Rewards, this is where you can view your tips. You can also access your referral link here which allows you to earn more BAT tokens.
  • Final Step: Once you’ve signed up and logged into the dashboard, you can use our partner Uphold to automatically convert the tokens you earned into a currency of your choosing.

TIP: Also, don’t forget to link your Twitter profile properly and monetize through “link-in-bio” services like Snipfeed, Linktree, and many more.



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