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Solar Trees For Crypto Mining Are A Thing Now

Credit: Daymak

Daymak, a light-electric vehicle company based in Canada, announced what many have crypto miners have dreamed about —— the ability to do crypto mining using solar energy. (with “crypto solar trees”).

“Wait, what? Hold up…”

Rewinding back — Daymak announced they would be creating the world’s first electric vehicle that can generate crypto: The Daymak Spiritus.

When parked, it begins mining crypto, and can run on a range of 180 miles on a full charge and runs on a price of $19,995. Clearly, this company doesn’t just want to help you go green, it wants to make you money in the process and look cool doing so.

With the introduction to their new Crypto Solar Tree, their vision is to help electric vehicles plug-in as you charge your vehicle, while generating crypto as the mining option enables itself.

But how exactly does the tree generate power and help you make money (crypto)?

Daymak states: Through our patent-pending Nebula technology, mine and manage cryptocurrency, and offset the cost of your Crypto Solar Tree as soon as 24 months from purchase. There is also customizable support for additional mining systems up to a certain power limit. Crypto Solar Tree — the world’s first clean crypto mining solution.

In other words, the Crypto Solar Tree helps you save on energy bills, you can plugin your DayMak and let your car mine for crypto, while at the same time letting the Crypto Tree mine for crypto as well.

Rendering of DayMak’s Crypto Solar Tree (Credit:
  • Wind Power Turbine: Every Crypto Solar Tree comes with a vertical-axis wind turbine to maximize power generation and meet your power needs.
  • Solar Panels: The tree can generate up to 11kw of electricity as well as backup power.
  • Battery Power Option: Store energy and power your house or farm for up to two days. Plug your appliances into your Crypto Solar Tree using the built-in power inverter. Manage all your power needs from your smartphone.

Convenient, Sustainable, Versatile and Endless.

Buy as many trees as you’d wish. These trees are built to be a versatile renewable energy source with endless applications. Generate clean energy and income anywhere all the time.

Built-in mining options you can choose from for crypto mining. (Credit: Daymak)

The CryptoSolarTree is available in three models:

  • Standard (MSRP: $14,999): 1 kW wind turbine; 3 kW solar panels; 12 kWh batteries; app-controlled Nebula miners generating $16/day, capable of paying off the system in 29 months; with aftermarket mining support of up to 2 kW power draw
  • Deluxe (MSRP: $29,999): 2 kW wind turbine; 5 kW solar panels; 20 kWh batteries; app-controlled Nebula miners generating $36/day, capable of paying off the system in 27 months; with aftermarket mining setup support of up to 3.5 kW power draw
  • Ultimate (MSRP: $49,950): 5 kW wind turbine; 6 kW solar panels; water purification unit; 25 kWh batteries; app-controlled Nebula miners generating $68/day, capable of paying off the system in 24 months; with aftermarket mining setup support of up to 5 kW power draw

For ordering, DayMak is currently accepting pre-orders ranging from as low as $5,000, going as high as $25K (due on shipping). Certainly it’s not the cheapest product, but in the long run and for the multiple uses this has, it could be beneficial for both consumers and commercial applications.

Best of all, if you change your mind, Daymak states that your deposit is refundable.

Credit: Daymak |

For more information, you can visit their official website.




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