“Calling someone an “ISIS b**ch” is not cool” — said social media

A video of a woman yelling at a pregnant Muslim woman on a bus in London has been making the rounds on social media.

The video shows a woman on a bus yelling at two women “ISIS B**ch” among other racial and islamophobic slurs. During the foul-mouthed rant that lasted for at-least 5 mins they were told to leave the country and were threatened to be “donkey kick”ed -one of which was pregnant- in the stomach so they would “never have a baby again”.

The incident which took place on 13th of October 2015, on the 206 bus to Wembley has resulted in a petition on Change.org with thousands of supporters over few hours.

The petition states that this is considered “a hate crime” and “enough in enough” addressing the TFL, Commissioner of Police, Mayor of London and Prime Minister Davide Cameron.

It claims that “These horrible attacks regularly occur on buses/trains/trams/bus stops and something NEEDS to be put in place to bring an end. There are many videos that have been shared previously however this most recent incident highlights the brutality of such attacks. The following are some of the main highlights.”

One of the things which concern me is the fact that the bus driver did absolutely nothing about it. He should have contacted the police or at least threatened to do so. This kind of obviously aggressive and islamophobic behaviour must not be tolerated.” said Dr Thuha Jabbar a dentist in London.

Earlier this month Police in England and Wales reported that there were 52,528 instances of hate crime — on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation and transgender — in 2014/15.

The Muslim Council of Britain said on Facebook: “Bigotry on a London bus. Yet another reason why Islamophobia should be taken seriously.” addressing the Metropolitan Police, TFL and British Transport Police.

Only last week, The daily mail’s coverage of Britain’s great bake off was accused of inciting Islamophobia after they mentioned the London bombings in the same paragraph with the winner’s name who happened to be Muslim

On the other hand, Earlier today (16/10) Mayor of London’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) launched a new phone app.(Self evident) for Londoners to report hate crimes and access support services, The app was launched during “National Hate Crime Awareness Week” aiming to encourage victims of hate crimes to come forward.

Self-evident is available to download for free at Apple store and Google play.

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