Else, a documentary on Non-Binary Gender

A shot from the documentary Else, (c) Zeyad Salem

For years, gender has been known to be a binary system. This gender binary refers to the idea that there are only two genders, male and female. Recently however some people have come out as non-binary.

Michele believes that Gender is fluid not static. Else (c) Zeyad Salem
They identify as neither a man nor a woman. The non-binary movement seems to be gaining traction especially among young people in the West that social media platforms like Facebook and Tumblr have allowed its users to customise their genders among 72 options and many Schools, Universities and Public places have introduced gender neutral bathrooms.
Juno Roche transitioned at a time when occupying a binary space was the only option. Else (c)Zeyad Salem

Else, a documentary about gender variance showing three characters who identify under the umbrella term of Non-binary; a gender fluid person, a gender non-conformist and a Trans- woman.

Dr Shahvisi thinks we shouldn’t see gender as anything more than a constructed category. Else (c) Zeyad Salem

We understand through the three characters what is gender, does it matter and how different is the public perception of gender now compared to twenty years ago.


Trailer for the short documentary Else (c)Zeyad Salem

I produced this short documentary as a one man crew in London.

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