Educator Spotlight: Mr. May

Mr. Richard May is a middle and high school teacher at Jefferson Montessori Academy. He began working at JMA in 2005 and left in 2007. He later returned to JMA in 2010 and has been working here ever since.

“Before I was a teacher, I did what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted.” Before May became a teacher, he served in the United States Navy for four years. “I served because I was supposed to. I believe it’s a person’s duty to serve,” May stated.

Mr. May seems to enjoy teaching, “I think the junior high and high school (students) are fun to have in class,” May said. “Working with kids is a lot of fun.”

May believes teaching is a great job to have, “I think that all can be solved through education.”

“I think that all can be solved through education.”

The students at JMA love having Mr. May as a teacher. He is helpful as an educator and pleasant to be around. Students tend to say that he is sarcastic, funny and care free in regards to others opinions.

Overall, Mr. May is a wonderful teacher. He is honest and always there for his students. “Mr. May gets kids excited about history, which can be a hard thing to do.” Principal of JMA Stacey Frakes stated.

JMA is very lucky to have a teacher like Mr. May.