J.J. Watt’s Relief Effort

On Sunday August 27, J.J. Watt, a star defensive end for the Houston Texans football team, started a fundraising effort for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. The fundraiser was started to help with contributions to Hurricane Harvey for food, water and shelter. His starting goal was $200,000 and it was reached surprisingly quick.

Watt’s team was set to play the Dallas Cowboys in Houston at NRG stadium, but due to the excessive flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey they set the game to be played at AT&T stadium in Arlington. The game was later cancelled entirely so the Texans players could get back to their families in Houston and help with the fund raising; this is what led Watt to start the relief effort.

Watt’s goal quickly went from 200,000, to 1 million, to 5 million, to 7 million dollars and more. He then reached 17 million total in his goals all in under one week. Watt stated that he would leave donations open, but he would start to purchase and transport goods such as food and water to Houston. The donation amount has now reached $30,000,000+ as donations are still open. Many famous people and organizations such as Walmart have donated 1 million dollars and above.

Once Watt returned to Houston after the storm, he was regarded as a hometown hero. Watt had also inspired many other NFL players to donate to the relief effort. At the Texans season opener at NRG stadium in Houston, Watt carried out a Texas state flag to show his support for the difficult times the state and the city were going through. Though Houston and even more of Texas took a hard hit by Hurricane Harvey, they are coming back strong and confident.