This Week in Politics

E.coli Outbreak in Artesia Deprives Denizens of Safe Water

Bacteria-contaminated water has created an artificial drought in the small town of Artesia. This is the second time this year that Artesians will have to forgo safe drinking water due to the outbreak of E.coli, an often fatal bacteria originating from human and animal feces.

Due to the outbreak and subsequent contamination of public water, businesses have been closed, public schools have been cancelled, and bottle water has been purchased en masse from out of town.

Residents and businesses have been advised to boil their water before consumption in order to eliminate any potential E.coli bacteria. Details are uncertain as to how the Artesian water supply may have been contaminated, though some point to aging infrastructure and the poor condition of the city’s wells.

Decisive Victory Against Islamic State in Raqqa

Syrian militias declared victory against the Islamic State in Syria, raising flags in their capital of Raqqa as they drove out the last bastions of jihadist resistance.

After four months of vicious fighting between the Syrian Democratic Forces and ISIS, the alliance of Kurdish and Arab tribes are ready to make a declaration of victory in Raqqa as soon as the city is cleared of landmines and jihadist sleeper agents. The fall of Raqqa, once the center of jihadist operations, marks the collapse of the Islamic State in its entirety.

As a sign that peace had returned to the region, the Coalition announced that they would no longer be launching air strikes in the region.

Trump Denies Offensive Remarks Made to Soldier’s Widow

President Donald Trump has declared that claims regarding him making ‘insensitive’ remarks about a soldier’s widow are “totally fabricated.”

According to Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Trump said to Myeshia Johnson that “He knew what he was getting himself into, but I guess it hurts anyway.” Wilson said she was utterly dumbfounded by the president’s alleged comments.

Sgt.La David Johnson and three others were ambushed and killed by ISIS militants in Niger.

Trump, already being criticised for not contacting the families of the dead soldiers after he learned of the attack, is now on the defensive for his comments. Trump recently tweeted that Congresswoman Frederica Wilson had “totally fabricated what I said about the wife of a soldier who died in action(and I have proof). Sad!”

Trump has yet to come forward with any evidence regarding the fabrication.