Let’s talk MOOCs

Impactioneers is proud to present The #MOOChour, the ultimate Twitter Chat on anything MOOCs. It’s a chat for learners, teachers, enablers, CTAs, Mentors, platform runners, and of course anybody else who is interested in lifelong learning and EdTech.

Our first #MOOChour will take place on in April 2015, and will be co-hosted by Laurie Pickard of NoPay MBA.

We have prepared some questions, but if you there’s something you always wanted to know about MOOCs, but were afraid to ask, this is your chance. Let us know, and your question could be part of the inaugural #MOOChour Twitter chat!

The specifics:
The #MOOChour — the Twitter chat on anything MOOCs
When: 14 April 2015, 19:00–20:00 CEST (click for your timezone)
Hashtag: #MOOChour

Organised by @impactioneers (follow for the questions)
Host: @arjantupan
Special guest host: @NoPayMba — Laurie Pickard