How I Reversed Aging

With Pictures to Prove It

Joe Moody
The Mood


Clocks falling through a portal in space.
Gabe Raggio

No, I didn’t sell my soul, haha... It was quite the opposite.

I was lost in the quagmire of modern life, eating the wrong foods, believing the wrong thoughts, doing the wrong things.

From the outside, it seemed like I had it all. Everyone thought I was happy.

But inside, I was a tormented soul. I knew for sure because I was no longer writing, something that sustained me since early childhood.

I was stuck in what I call a “comfort rut” — fooled into inaction by comfort. It would take a breakdown to wake me up.

The breakdown.

A cataclysmic event hit my online company, sending my life into a tailspin that would take everything I had to save it.

I saved the business … but lost myself.

I was hardly exercising, drinking too much, eating crap and waking up depressed… This was not the life I planned. Some nights I hardly even slept, kept up by the turmoil in my mind and toxins in my body.

Finally, on the eve of my 40th year in 2010, I had a nervous breakdown...

Time itself became an enemy.

There is nothing worse than waking up at six in the morning and…



Joe Moody
The Mood

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