Mooninite.eth & Mooninites.eth, Potential Mooncoin Use Case

The Ethereum domain auction began in May of 2017 and is ongoing until all names are auctioned off. 100% of the names have been released and 245,402 names have been bid on with 134,112 .eth domains registered to date. There are currently 12,925 bidders that have participated and 3,269,814 ETH that has been deposited for bids.

There is obviously a lot of money going into these ENS domain names — so I decided to use my domain names for projects! Only way to get this technology moving is to develop it together and start creating use cases!

As a part of the Mooncoin community (3.82M $MOON), I have been working to:

  • bring a greater level of transparency,
  • organizational centralization, &
  • stimulating project-creation and community growth.

At the same time, I am a party of numerous projects on various blockchains. One of them being an Ethereum domain portfolio holder that I plan to implement across the Ethereum blockchain and any other the .eth names can interact with.

The commonly known characteristic about ENS domains are their use as wallets. There have only been a few use cases so far (District0x & Aragon), but ENS domains will be attached to Decentralized Applications built on the Ethereum blockchain. Since Mooncoin is on its own blockchain and the original Mooncoin developer passed away, I’ve decided to use Mooninites.eth and/or Mooninite.eth as a donation address for those in the community and outside that are interested in supporting our community growth with other tokens they may have an abundance of.

Our community can use:

  • Mooninite.eth — as the overarching ETH Mooncoin donation account.
  • Mooninites.eth — as the Mooncoin project-specific donation account.

So Mooninites.eth will have certain projects attached to the address that allow us to collect funds for certain projects. Below is an example of how ENS and DNS can be used in conjunction:

Mooninites.eth for

SmartLikes.Mooninites.eth is where supporters can send donations for the Mooncoin SmartLikes Project and our community can use the as the project description page.

Why do something like this?

To prevent community members from being ripped off and sending donations to fraudulent accounts — that’s a big community-focused feature. This is due to Ethereum’s address format of 42-digits. For example:

0xA4C03BED172B5BaB090f8de512Da47fd4A51cF77 vs SmartLikes.Mooninites.eth

Much easier to type in the human readable SmarLikes.Mooninites.eth as opposed to potentially choosing the wrong 42-digit address to donate to. Another reason is brand positioningMooncoin’s original developer passed away from health problems (as far as I know) and this gives the leadership within our community a tool to advertise, market, and share as the Mooncoin community continues growing.

Innovative Use: Cross-blockchain Ethereum Domain Use

As an ENS domain holder, it’s my goal to move the market forward and continue creating use cases. I do not believe we have seen an Ethereum domain use associated with other blockchains. This may be a very basic idea, but might also be the first of its kind.

Using an Ethereum domain address, specifically the technology, to resurrect a once dead Mooncoin ecosystem…sounds like a pretty badass movie premise to me! Then tying Mooncoin’s Lyra2M protocol into the Ethereum blockchain to support lightning micropayments on a Mooncoin-Ethereum gateway…

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Stay tuned as the Mooncoin Ecosphere continues growing tighter together and stronger. Below are some resources for Mooncoin & beginning cryptocurrency enthusiasts:

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