Invasion of the Fundiks

Benjamin Davis
Jun 11 · 3 min read
Artwork created for The Moss by Nikita Klimov


“I am Klubbit! I am an emissary from Fundiks. We have come to destroy planet earth! You have become a bad society, destroying your resources and warring. YOU! You are chosen to speak for your planet. Tell us! Why should we spare you?”


“you must speak on behalf of your people.”



“But — ”


“You — I can’t — I can’t go back. This has never happened before, you can say anything, we only need a single reason, any reason.”

“Are all of your race so empty?”

“these aliens here have agreed to spare America!”

“Now that I have saved America, we need to wake up and start solving the problems that have been plaguing the world by removing all of the trash that is poisoning our societies, I’m talkin’ bout the illegals, the homosexuals, the Muslims, the baby-killin’ whores, the — ”

The Moss

The Literary Magazine Journal Review

Benjamin Davis

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My writing is like watching Roy Orbison eat a bundle of mismatched socks. No, they have not been washed in a while. Yes, he is crying.

The Moss

The Moss

The Literary Magazine Journal Review