His decisions have colours

A red decision is one that makes him bite his lips out of anxiety

A magenta decision is an easy one where most of the work seems to have been done. If he were a movie star, he would just have to show up, jump into a car and the audience will still think he did so after setting off a bomb, plucking the evil war lord’s eyes and returning the bitcoins to their rightful owners.

A dark yellow decision is one he keeps putting off to later like mail he needs to send to his landlord in NY. One day, not today.

A fluorescent brown decision is the one he’s in right now. Fluorescent brown is subtle. This call he is on will affect the next 6 months of his life. He has elements to guide him but left some room for negotiation. He thought he had laid a structure where water would follow its course but on this call he is lost in the conversation like a 5 foot man in a 4 feet high labyrinth. I can see where I’m going. I’m not sure I want to go there. I don’t want to go there.

I can smell ego in these bushes. Ego is the creature that doesn’t know it’s talking too much. Ego is the creature that snobs concepts and people out of habit. Ego is the maniac in the word egomaniac with a tinge of eagerness and a toothpick in its teeth. Ego is what the person is doing on the other end of the call by saying “You, James, Cassandra, you’re all part of the team. You’re like family”.

I don’t want to be your family.

Daniel Dennett writes about the gold army and the silver army. We are facing a horrific enemy and we have the choice between 2 armies. Same numbers, same training, same weaponry. Armed and armed as well as we can do. The difference is the Gold army has been convinced that god is on their side and that the cause they’re fighting for is the cause of righteousness. The silver amy is made out of economists all making side insurance bets and calculating the odds of everything. Which army would you choose? It’s very hard to say the economists but it’s important to understand what this means. That you’re fine hoodwinking people, having them believe in potentially magical creatures, so as to form the gold army. Gold, silver, silver, silver, silver, gold.

Gold decisions are his favourites. These are the ones where he’s done his best and goes with the flow. Row and skip and pull and jump and shake the rest of the truth, truth, truth. Truth be told I know the answer that brought the cold to these mountains where I mold what should matter. Gold. Silver.

Silver decisions are strange: They are the ones that put the world on hold and take your hand and kiss your pinkie and lead you to a drive-in where they pour you wine and give you cheddar pop-corns. Silver decisions are the best. They’re the ones you don’t make.

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