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The Motherload

Maternity Leave: A Day in the Life

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I’ve been on the couch for most of the afternoon; my daughter is being really irritable and it seems she’s only ready to calm down in my arms. It’s embarrassing to have to tell my husband I’m exhausted. I’ve hardly moved. I could have had the TV on for hours if I wanted to, but then I’d really feel bad about myself.

This has been bothering me a lot lately. I feel so damn tired, but even more guilty…

From dreaming of children to empty nesting, this is a place for mothers to share the load. Here you will find content that is valuable for mothers of all ages and experience levels. We are setting out to be the motherload of motherhood information.

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Trish Di Stefano

Trish Di Stefano

Trish Di Stefano is an idealist, recovering perfectionist and weekend glutton.

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