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My Daughter is Gorgeous, and I Wish She Wasn’t

In retrospect, I’m thankful I was a goofy-looking child.

This is not my daughter, but she’s equally beautiful. Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash.

I got catcalled the other day. My walking companion and I passed by a man, who may have been in his 30s and who may have been drunk at 2-something p.m. He brightened up considerably as we passed, let out a low whistle, and said something about “fine young ladies.”




From dreaming of children to empty nesting, this is a place for mothers to share the load. Here you will find content that is valuable for mothers of all ages and experience levels. We are setting out to be the motherload of motherhood information.

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Kerala Taylor

Kerala Taylor

Writing about motherhood, work, race, and the end of the world. Aiming to make you laugh, cry, and want to punch something. Top writer in Parenting, Humor.

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