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The Motherload

NOT The Life I Wanted For My Kid

How jumping into the unknown doesn’t always work out.

“Come on honey, eat it, it’s got CHOCOLATE in it!” I say this cheerfully as I try to shove some more cereal down my daughter’s mouth and get her out of the door to nursery. She is nearly 4, I am well aware she can eat by herself. Or should be able to.




From dreaming of children to empty nesting, this is a place for mothers to share the load. Here you will find content that is valuable for mothers of all ages and experience levels. We are setting out to be the motherload of motherhood information.

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Julie van Maanen

Julie van Maanen

Top writer in Parenting. Multi-lingual traveller, writer, learner, teacher. Raising my little girl in Cuba and Europe and cannot wait to show her the world.

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