Production Overview

B&O Play’s latest campaign series focuses on the concept of ‘Listening’

UPDATE: I just presented to my tutor and fellow Moving Image students my mood board, previously published log-line and my first prototype render:

This bad boy rendered for 14 hours and 21 minutes (yes, I desperately need a better computer)
Please excuse my illegible handwriting

I further showed an initial sketch, explaining my creative direction, and luckily for me I received really positive feedback on this degree of pre-production thinking and organisation. So I am motivated to keep up the spirits and work hard on this project.

I was even advised to consider sending the finished project, along with all of this process material I am sharing here, directly to Bang & Olufsen to see what they think and if maybe there is something in it that they might want to use. I take that as a thumbs up in regards to my progress so far, and I received close to no criticism, so it really is just about getting the project started properly now!

Bang & Olufsen’s latest development

So just as I was going to write this post I coincidentally noticed that B&O Play on YouTube just released a new video series dedicated to the theme

‘Listening Matters’:

As I watched the campaign’s six videos I was very happy to see that they are indeed using the same sort of lighting as what I was thinking of doing: Either very dark rooms with interesting lighting (like my prototype render) or very bright, more living room-esque locales.

The concept that I presented was focused on emphasising the contrast between black and white; my idea is to present the mechanical interiors of B&O’s products in an abstract way fitting the nature of their products and, at the same time, also appeal to the abstract way human minds work. Darkness inside the mind where the light cannot enter easily, the place where the structure is formed. I want to hand-model a mechanical-looking flower with a HiFi speaker as the flower’s head piece, to mix something organic with something mechanic. In-between this flower’s presentation in my video, the video should fittingly cut to a pure white room where the finished products are presented in their final form.

The dark represents the inside, the “zone”, the place where progress is instigated, where the real development happens. It’s only you and your mission, alone, focused, present.

— — — — — — — — — — — —ContrastBorder — — — — — — — — — — — —

The light will be the showcase, celebrating the beauty of the product, the quality of the craftsmanship, the result of hard work. The enjoyment of listening, watching and ‘being’.

So I want to make a piece that cuts between these contrasting scenes where we see the abstract rendition of what happens inside, the beautiful craftsmanship on the inside, as well as on the outside, where form and function are finally married. The video will end in a bird’s-eye-view of the mechanical flowers, revealing that they are arranged in formation of the B&O logo and then fade-to-black.

Quick teaser

On an ending note, here is a very early scene setup of the logo shot, made up of cylinder native objects cloned along hand-drawn splines to recreate the font used by the brand:

The render so far looks as follows:

Hopefully I will be able to get the lighting right soon and also populate the scene with little pieces of rubble, nuts and bolts, etc. so that it doesn’t seem too artificial.