Project direction update

Since my previous post I have found myself struggling to visualise my project. It took a while but, upon having made up my mind about literature to be used for the written research proposal, I was able to lock my focus on how I want to illustrate my rather comprehensive idea.
Below is an early-stage render of what I came up with. An explanation follows underneath.
A sneak peek, early prototype render


I started out my process by gathering inspiration via a mood board and then drawing storyboards, first a draft for my Master’s project and then another drawing of the prototype and its own narrowed-down focus.

Sorry for my poor handwriting
5 takes the place of 4, G is basically like Hodor

The first storyboards show the main Master’s project and its several focus points (as per my previous post) which I will cover mainly by voice and gesture, aided by visuals handcrafted for the script that I will be writing. I needed to determine an overall direction for my Master’s dissertation before I could begin developing this prototype project, hence the inverted order.

The other storyboard (left) shows my current PG04 concept, where I have decided to focus on the implied impact that 5G data speeds will bring in the near future. I want to use this project to highlight what I identify as the main most valuable entity in the future of interactive technology and that, to me, appears to be the speed of data transfers.

From paper to pixels

To illustrate the difference from 4G to 5G in a comprehensive way, I am developing a 3D, anthropomorphised and perhaps slightly Pixar-inspired short video narrative. The visual aesthetic is low-poly because I find this style to be easy on the eyes and fitting for a cartoony narrative. So as the storyboard was supposed to illustrate, ‘4' and ‘G’ are trying to keep up with the high demand for data transfer, working a small catapult that fires data packages into the ‘cloud’. The problem is, however, that the data packages have become too heavy for the catapult and therefore the packages simply fall to the ground around it. ‘5’ enters the scene and is enraged by the incompetency of 4G, zooms over to their pile of unsent data and utilises its 5G powers, sending the bulk into the cloud in one single move.

A sped-up scene fly-through

The scene has taken a long time to materialise, going through a first iteration visualising in 3D the linear setup of my storyboard, then a beta render with colours and some animation, and at this time of writing I am rendering the final iteration with full animation and updated colours, along with better details. It will probably take a week or two before I can stitch together the final video, but the scene is shaping up nicely.

More will follow, but until I get there I will be working on my written proposal to accompany the video product.