A Chat with Brody Leven

stories of bad ideas gone right

The only thing that worried us was the rain. As we scrambled around to get ready for the IMR’s first “fireside chat” we kept an eye on predicted waves of thunderstorms that might drive us indoors. We knew we had the right guest: Brody Leven is a mountain guy through and through. He’s a world-class adventure skier and a proud Westminster alum (and a two-time student body president). We finally decided to risk it, and a small but enthusiastic group of students, staff, and faculty huddled in a light rain around a borrowed fire pit. We listened to Brody tell engaging stories of his deceptively impulsive expeditions: skiing volcanoes, battling altitude sickness, coping with the wrong gear. There wasn’t a person there who would be driven indoors by a little rain while Brody was describing a partner who puked on his skis, then bombed to the bottom. The best part was learning how Brody had combined his passion for mountains with the vulgar necessity of earning a living: he’s learned how to write in a vigorous, distinctive style about his wild adventures and get paid for it.

After we’d heard a bunch of stories and eaten our share of dirtbag burritos cooked straight on the firepit screen we went our separate ways. The next morning we could see the season’s first snowfall on the Wasatch. Mountain game on.

Photos from the Event

(Photos by JeriJonise Photography)