MUFFPick: Theodore: The Documentary

“These stories need to be heard and these women need to be remembered over the man. I am sure of that.”

Lisa Gallagher
Feb 22, 2018 · 10 min read
Director Celene Beth Calderon

“Our intention is not to make yet another cheap true-crime serial killer doc, exploiting grisly details to capture attention. Anyone can find these videos on YouTube if they wish, but people have not heard the personal stories from those who were closest to him, and from those whose lives were forever changed by his crimes.”

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Theodore: The Documentary” Teaser

This film will be your directorial debut. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you take the plunge into filmmaking.

Tell us about THEODORE: THE DOCUMENTARY. What is the story you want to tell? Where did the idea come from?

The ‘Theodore Trio’: producers Sean Ravarino McKenna and Timothy John Psarras with director Celene Beth Calderon.

So many of the existing serial killer documentaries out there are directed by men. How do you feel THEODORE will benefit from having a female influence?

Your teaser gives us a little peek at the work you have been doing on this film. What have been your biggest highlights and challenges thus far?

Timothy filming William “Dub” Lawrence, who was the Bountiful County Sheriff in November of 1974.

What excites you about using crowdfunding?

You’re giving 5% of your crowdfunding donations to RAINN. Do you want to explain who they are and why it was so important to support them during the creation of this film?

Tell us about why you are a feminist and why it’s important to your filmmaking.

Celene interviewing neuroscientist and professor James H. “Jim” Fallon.

Who are your favourite women working in the industry?

What’s the best advice about filmmaking you’ve received so far?

If you could hold any Guinness World Record, what would it be?

What components make up your ideal sandwich?

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We are a community that celebrates women in film and TV. High five!

Lisa Gallagher

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Festival Director of Toronto True Crime Film Festival. Former producer of The MUFF Society in Toronto. Lover of cats, carbs, and Keanu Reeves.



We are a community that celebrates women in film and TV. High five!