Observations of One Man

Image is taken from Chronicles of Riddick, 2004

Billy didn’t know how he was seeing this phenomenon. It had started like any other Sunday afternoon. A cold beer in his hand, him rocking back and forth on his front porch, enjoying the pleasant weather. He loved to sit there and look out at his front lawn. Steven would often be mowing his lawn in the next house over while Jerry across the street washed and waxed his convertible. Well, that was how it normally went. What he saw now didn’t make any sense. There had been a loud crack and then a sound like wet clothes tearing. The air had seemed to part before his eyes and grew until it filled his whole vision. What he saw terrified him. Countless legions of man-sized beetles spread out in all directions. Huge monoliths lined the beetles to the left and right where a nearly inconceivable number of the bug hosts spilled out into the growing horde. Aerial ships zoomed overhead in intricate formations saturating the skies in mind-numbing acrobatics. The totality of what he saw overwhelmed his senses, confusing him into a trance-like state. One of the bugs nearest to him looked over and pointed. Those big black bug eyes met his completely terrified human eyes and he knew deep in his gut that the bug actually saw him. In that instant, a primal scream ripped from Billy’s throat as he tried to scramble away. He fell back with a loud jolt and darkness descended all around him.



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