Social Media Garbage

With the whole world plugged in 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the urgency to feel “connected” with other people, has reached comical status. That is anything that you want to do or see or connect with online is available for you at the click of your mouse. This extends to Social Media as well. The amount of absolute nonsense that is available for instant access is more than anyone could ever read or view in their lifetimes. We spend hours every day surfing the web, reading posts on Facebook, and retweeting on Twitter, amongst an inexhaustible amount of other things. There are video streaming services that allow us to view whatever we want endlessly. We’ve willfully given up real connections to make networked ones. The global pandemic that we are seeing today doesn’t just extend to that of biology, but one of sociology as well. Falling into the rut of the social media stream leads to flimsy relationships based on likes and followers, and ultimately, moves away from ever-enduring lifelong friends and loves. As we look to our new “normal”, may we focus on the binding moments of nice words spoken and the solidifying experiences of spending valuable time with those around us.

The ultimate goal of this blog is to meet the requirement for one of my school assignments; however, my hope is that it will become more than just that. Join me on my adventure as I examine my writing ability and develop new skills associated with my creativity.

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Colten Henrie

Colten Henrie

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