This Love Ain’t Free!

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1 min readJun 11, 2024


Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

Niggas want your flowers, but don’t want to be a worker bee

Digging deep to excavate my seeds

Are you willing to get down in the dirt for me?

Soil is what I need, roots reaching beyond hereditary creeds

No bare minimum — I pour selectively, give beyond the necessities

This love ain’t free

This love ain’t free

Baby, where your mind at?

Where your psyche be?

Can you sink to the depths of your soul and find more than eternal bliss with me?

I know it ain’t all roses and rainbows;Can you find gold in the small moments?

Stand in the eye of the storm,‘Cause He be the rock I built my life on

Can’t nobody shake this foundation — I mean, even though the body ages

Its strength degrades

God remains

Spirit goin’ overcome every phase


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