Isolation Kills, but you can Help

If you are prone to being alone more often than you really want to be, then you understand the gut wrenching feeling of being alone. Especially when in a situation where people are having fun together…without you.

Alone. You desperately try to look busy. Checking your phone every minute, lighting a cigarette for something to do and even hanging your head down so you block away the truth. It hurts. No, it kills. And there’s nothing you can about do for yourself to escape. But…

…you can do something to help others.

Look around the mall, your school, a party, and anywhere else there are groups of people. Try to notice those who alone and are dying inside but would rather subject themselves to the pain than being home alone. Look at them, but also do something about it.

Walk up to them…

Sit with them…

And say hi. That’s all they want. To be noticed.

I’ve never understood suicide. I’ve always thought they were just selfish. Only thinking of themselves. But when no one else will think of them, it’s the last turn for them.

So do those in isolation a favour…help them before it kills them.