Wonderful Things in the Shape of Neurodivergence

May — June 2024


This post highlights news, events and opportunities from DYSPLA; a London based Neurodivergent-led arts studio, producing and developing the work of Neurodivergent Storymakers.

Digital Art Photography of DYSPLA made by © DYSPLA, 2024

Sometimes DYSPLA makes work because we have funding to do so, other times we make it because we want to/have to, but we never really stop to focus on what has been made or celebrate the work.

It never feels like there is time to enjoy ones achievements. There is pressure to quickly move onto the next thing, which is something I think needs to change in this consumer culture.

The Newsletter has the potential to help Creators stop and reflect on what they have made, while also giving space to reflect on what is next. Yet even the act of writing a newsletter seems indulgent and a waste of time.

Does anyone even read them?

I have not written a newsletter since September 2023. That should be evidence of how difficult I find writing them and how little momentum I have built for regularly sharing what DYSPLA is working on…

This post is my attempt to correct that!


A pop up digital performance and photography exhibition exploring society’s inconvenient humans.

Digital Art Photography of DYSPLA made by © DYSPLA, 2024

Opens: 30th May — until 1st June 2024, 12pm — 8pm
Daily Workshops: 4pm — 8pm
Location: International Body of Art

9b Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA

Approaching the intersections of class and disability, ABORT THE INCONVENIENT is a collection of four new exhibiting projects; intergenerational, WOT, abort & fear that collectively highlight a unique response to the disparity of life’s opportunities within the structures of class & disability.

ABORT THE INCONVENIENT is an overt exploration of capitalist unipolar politics that systemically subtract the underclass as an economic loss, replacing them via superior technocratic selection.

Far from anything similar programmed at the @ibartlondon pop-up art gallery, this exhibition tackles taboos about who is deemed ‘necessary’ or ‘inconvenient’ within our society.

Each day, DYSPLA will run their signature performative workshop, DYSPLA_fear. Participating audience members become collaborators on a live artwork project where members of the public can engage in the act of confession and bear witness to their own ideas about freedom of expression and self censorship while being photographed in 3D. Each individual digital photographic sculpture created will also be exhibited at future DYSPLA exhibitions.

2. DYSPLA_CHAT — Monthly Online Meetings

Next Session: Sunday 2 June 10:00–11:30 AM
RSVP via the link

These monthly sessions are intended for Neurodivergent Creatives but undiagnosed people are also welcome.

Image created by DYSPLA 2022

DYSPLA_Chat is a peer-to-peer monthly gathering of like-minded Neurodivergent Creatives meeting over Zoom to discuss, neurodivergent creativity, methodology, strategy and future projects.

DYSPLA will be joining the chat from their pop up gallery in London and will offer a virtual tour to attendees of their new art collection, ABORT THE INCONVENIENT.

3. #SurgeryScript — Subsidised Monthly Script Development in North London

Sunday 29th June 2024, 12–5 PM
Angel Yard: 34 Snell’s Park Edmonton London, N18 2FD

#SurgeryScript offers subsidised script development for Neurodivergent writers with a practical rehearsal room approach.

If you need further development on your new (dirty) script and want to do that by collaborating with actors and a professional director, please email today for consideration in next months script development workshop.

All you need to do is email: 15 pages of your script, a synopsis, and a character breakdown to dyspla assistant at gmail dot com.

If you are selected to participate, you will be asked to make a contribution towards the workshop. You are also welcome to attend a #SurgeryScript sharing, before submitting your work if you feel you would like to learn more about the format and the community.

Photography taken by DYSPLA 2024

4. DYSPLA Wins 12 Week Residency programme with artist studio provider, Arbeit

Click here to book you place for free

Used with permission from website

DYSPLA are grateful to Arbeit for the opportunity to spend the next 12 weeks connecting and collaborate with people from Enfield. We are looking for up to 10 people who wish to explore their disability, (hidden or physical) creatively.

We will run regular writing workshops to support participants in crafting their poem and film them performing it. The finished work will be part of a new digital art and performance poetry exhibition, held at the Arbeit gallery space in Palmers Green at the end of August.

If you are reading this post and live in North London or know someone who does, please get in touch via email or through SM.

5. Interns & Volunteers

DYSPLA is a C.I.C — Community Interest Company and are passionate about helping people build their CV. If you are looking to gain new experiences across a wide range of tasks working with a small non for profit, please get in touch!

DYSPLA offers short term placements (2–4 weeks) working part time hours, (11–3pm) in our office in North London. Travel Expenses are covered.

DYSPLA is a disabled-led award-winning arts studio. Many of their art projects were produced with financial support from the Arts Council England. They are artists and art producers developing the work of Neurodivergent storymakers. DYSPLA makes digital short form poetic art and conducts research into the Neurodivergent Aesthetic.

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Lennie Varvarides
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London-based dyslexic creative working in development. Founder of DYSPLA, founding editor @ The Museum of the Neurodivergent-Aesthetic.