Charly Bliss’ ‘Blown to Bits’ looks to the future with fear

As the vivacious opening for 2019’s “Young Enough”, the band pierce through the uncertainties of adulthood with pure, unadulterated energy

Credit: Mathew Shelter

On ‘Blown to Bits’, Charly Bliss make one last diary entry before the end of it all. Backed by a glossy drone and some slick synths, it’s the mundane things in life that take centre stage. Karate lessons, watching dad’s team miraculously win, reality shows — fleeting moments that would normally blend into the tapestry of everyday life metamorphose into soon-to-be collector’s items in a world on the edge of an apocalypse.

A discernible tension develops as the drums join in after the first chorus. Along with it comes a shift from the general ubiquities of the simple life to the specifics of a certain “you”. Someone with a disposition that floats above the chaos. A welcome companion to watch the shitshow of planet Earth. Like college students in a dorm room nearing the end of university, Charly Bliss catalogue all the fun times they’ve had, before it all gets blown to bits.

Every happy memory soon becomes a poignant reminder of better times. ‘Blown to Bits’ a testament to all the possible things to be heartbroken about. We see this sentiment come to the surface after a cathartic instrumental interlude, where lead singer Eva Hendricks’ purpose driven vocals surf the wave of not knowing what happens after 24. Seems appropriate for a generation stuck in a perpetual quarter life crisis.

‘Blown to Bits’ was conceived after the false missile alarm in Hawaii back in 2018, yet it works on the foothills of any monumental change. It is the definitive crisis anthem of the album. A lot has happened since then, and the looming apocalypse has never felt closer (if it isn’t here already). It’s unlikely that Charly Bliss expected ‘Blown to Bits’ to be part of the soundtrack to a universe in mourning this year.

It’s a good thing though, because it’s one hell of a goodbye before it all crumbles away.

“A universe in mourning, I don’t know how to quit
It’s gonna break my heart to see it blown to bits”

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