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MuskSwap Presale Pricing Details

Musketeer Weekly Updates #6

Hello everyone,

We’re going to provide another update on the MuskSwap presale. We’ve decided on the price of the presale tokens and the lock period for investors.

With a total supply of one billion MuskSwap tokens, 25 million tokens (2.5%) will be made available for purchase in the presale. You’ll need BNB to buy.

Bid amount: .00006 BNB per token

Make sure you go to right now and sign up for the whitelist for the 25% bonus. Other bonus awards may be announced for whitelisted accounts depending on how much demand we have.

There will be a 45-day lock on presale tokens.

These are the tokenomics for the new token

We’re going to sell 2–5% of our available supply in the presale. That’s going to all be used to fund the liquidity pool. To be clear, 100% of that is going to be locked directly into the liquidity pool for at least 1 year (to be clear, that’s the liquidity pool lock for raised funds from the presale. That is not the lock time for YOUR tokens. That will be MUCH shorter). We’ll have a max supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, but it will take years to hit the max because of our emission rate. 15% of the supply will be minted and locked for development, marketing, exchange fees, and other costs. It’s a deflationary token so we’ll explain some of the ways that supply will be reduced.

We’ll burn tokens the following ways:

  • 0.05% of every trade made on MuskSwap
  • 100% of tokens sent to the Dev address
  • 100% of tokens raised in IFOs
  • 100% of tokens spent on NFT minting
  • 25% of MuskSwap Tokens spent on lottery tickets
  • 2% of every yield harvest in the Auto MuskSwap Tokens Pool

and other ways.

Why we’re moving the date back 10 more days?

It took us longer than we expected to evaluate presale platforms and we need to give ourselves enough time to build up by demand for the presale. We’re starting a pretty big marketing campaign for the presale next week.

Details about the Presale


The $BNB sale takes place at DxSALE, and you only need $BNB to participate.

The link for the DxSale page will be shared exactly 2 minutes before the 18:00 UTC launch via twitter. There will not be an earlier link.

🚀 Launch Time: August 13rd at 18:00 UTC


💰 Soft Cap: 500 BNB

💰 Hard Cap: 1500 BNB

💰 Min Purchase: 0.1 BNB (per wallet)

💰 Max Purchase: 5 BNB (per wallet)


All of these funds will go towards providing liquidity on MuskSwap. We’ll launch MuskSwap within 48 hours of completing the presale.

We’ve been discussing this with the community and we came to the conclusion that an FAQ would be appropriate.


What’s the advantage of having a BSC Muskets token?

As our exchange is built on Binance Smart Chain, we wanted to give Muskets holders a chance to reap the rewards of being hodlers. Creating a bridge to BSC allows our community of current hodlers to participate in staking, farming, lotteries, NFTs, and other opportunities on our new exchange.

Why is it necessary?

To expand above, there is no other way for Muskets holders to participate directly in other investment opportunities without a new BSC token. As Muskswap creates more value for Muskets, you don’t need to swap in or buy Muskets on BSC if you don’t want to. You can hold and new demand for the project should help increase the chances of your tokens appreciating in value. However, if you’d like to be more aggressive with your investment, you’ll have more opportunities to pursue other RIO opportunities on our exchange.

Why is there going to be a separate token for the MuskSwap exchange? Why just not use the Muskets token?

As mentioned, we’re a BSC exchange so it was necessary to create a new token regardless. However, we also thought it was a great opportunity to think of ways to create something that was anti-bot, anti-whale, and not susceptible to the same type of manipulation as the fair-trade launch of Musketeer. So creating an entirely new token independent of the current token in most ways, allows us to create more long-term value for all the tokens in the eco-system and wrestle control from bots and whales that don’t really care about the long-term viability of the project. Adding some deflationary components will also be a huge long-term benefit. Simply put, it makes sense both for our company and the community that believes in us. We can create a tokenomics environment that will be more beneficial to our true, early believers

Do I need to swap my ETH Musketeer tokens for the new BSC wrapped Musketeer token?

No. You don’t need to do anything. However, if you would like to participate in farming and staking opportunities on Muskswap, you’ll need the BSC Musketeer token to do it. You also have even more opportunities with the MuskSwap token.

Do current holders get a special bonus?

Yes. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way we can specifically do this on DxSale. However, we’ll provide a form in the telegram group where current holders can add their wallets to a bonus whitelist. We’ll likely have to manually provide the bonus as an airdrop. These types of bonuses will always be available exclusively for Muskets holders.

Can you summarize things for us one more time?


The current Muskets token on Uniswap remains the same. Nothing will change about that one. People who hold that token don’t need to do anything. Just having a new project from the Musketeer team and with options to actually do something with the token is going to provide more value for the original Muskets token. For instance, you’ll be able to stake it to get tickets for future IDOs. You’ll be able to stake this actual ETH token (not on MuskSwap though).

The BSC Muskets token will eventually have a bridge to it. So you’ll be able to automatically swap your Ethereum Muskets to BSC Muskets so that you can do things on MuskSwap. This will be a 1 to 1 swap. Swapping to the BSC Muskets token will open up other staking and farming opportunities for your Muskets beyond just staking for IDO tickets that you’ll be able to do with your ETH Muskets token.

The Muskswap token will be the base transactional token for the DEX. You can buy this one during the presale, when it goes live on Pancake Swap or MuskSwap, or not do anything. It’s not necessary to own this token to get value from it as you’ll be able to do things with the Muskets tokens as we mentioned above. This token will not only have staking and farming, you’ll be able to participate in special IDOs and get extra lottery tickets and other incentives (even reflections)

When will there be another update with the pricing info?

The post next week will give all the final details on the token pricing, marketup, expectations etc. Stay tuned!




Musketeer is a fair launch community led token, made to transfer the power back into the people’s hands.

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