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The Musketeer Fund

The Musketeer Fund: This Is Who We Are.

Hello Musketeers!

We want to formally introduce The Musketeer Fund to the world.

At our core, with our fair launch, we’re a community-driven project that’s looking to help billions of people migrate to Web3 by leveraging a common language that almost everyone understands: memes. However, we’re not your typical meme coin. Our platform and abundance of tools in the works will provide real value to the decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem… starting with our IDO platform for meme token startups.

What is Musketeer and what is the inspiration?

Our team has been building blockchain applications for several years. Some of our team members knew about and have been monitoring Doge’s trajectory as far back as 2014. We’ve always loved a good meme. However, we’ve felt that meme tokens aren’t being taken as seriously as they should because teams aren’t taking their projects seriously.

Meme tokens are great for bringing in new people to the crypto community. Dogecoin’s impact on the crypto community is immeasurable. The problem now is that if teams don’t actually start shipping products with real use-cases that deliver value, meme tokens might become a drag on the crypto community, a sign of irrational exuberance.

With the huge influx in institutional influence, the core principle of crypto is at risk of being abandoned. What was designed for the people, is now turning into a new guard of influence, gatekeeping coins they pick and choose to deem valuable, when the people give everything the value. Not a select few of us, all of us. The Musketeer Fund’s inspiration is you. Everyone deserves the right to feel and be in fact, valuable. Crypto at its core lives on memes. Let’s continue to build that value while also having fun! We are The Musketeers! Our Motto is: All for ONE and ONE for ALL. We hold with Diamond Hands.

Our team has been hard at work on a couple of large projects and we thought: what if we enter the meme market and provide something different…not just a great meme but real use cases so that holders can also use their tokens in a productive manner and create worth? So that’s what we’ve set out to do and we hope you ride to the moon with us on this journey. We have a plethora of products we’re working on, but we’ll share two that are on the near-term pipeline.

What do we plan to build?

IDO Platform

We love Meme tokens, obviously. However, something that is too prevalent in this market is teams creating fake projects, pumping them, and then rug-pulling. It’s a smear on the entire crypto market and we must begin to self-regulate in some form. We’re working on an IDO for Meme Tokes platform that will have collaborative functionality with our community- things like social voting and vetting + more structured in-house investigation and research so that teams, ideas, tokenomics, etc are fully vetted before being released to the community. Only the best meme project will bubble up to the top so that we can reduce your risk. You’ll also need to spend list time hunting for projects on reddit, twitter, telegram, etc as we’ll do all the early work for you. Only the best projects that look like real moonshots will be presented to the community.


We’ve been building Muskswap for months now. We want to be the go-to exchange to find the best meme tokens. We want to be the place to stake meme tokens to earn more. We want to provide LP opportunities for meme token holders. At its core, it’s a AMM. However, we’ll provide a host of harvesting opportunities so that Musket holders can earn passive income on their muskets. So you’ll earn with the value of the token growth and then all the other opportunities to earn more muskets and earn other tokens + get airdrops for on our exchange. We’ll have anti-whale mechanics, harvesting lockups, automated burning, automatic liquidity, and airdrops to liquidity providers. We’re 90% done with our platform and will launch it in June. And the design is gorgeous. We’re sure you’ve never seen a swapping protocol as beautiful at this.

This is just the beginning. We’re going to change the Meme world with what we’re working on.

We want you to be a part of it too.


We conducted a fair-launch and burned 50% of the supply to Vitalik. There was no presale or IDO. All of our supply is circulating, There is no minting function and our contract is renounced. This is truly a community-owned project.

Some important links and info below:

LIQUIDITY LOCKED: 100% of LP tokens locked. 🔒

Liquidity: 50% of supply burned 🔥 🔥 to Vitalik’s address. Proof here:















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The Musketeer Fund is a real chance to begin a legacy of wealth, made for, controlled and owned by the people. Not institutions.