Exploring the question that gave me permission to dream.

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The Dreamer In Me Came Alive

Practical and profound wisdom from a Chinese parable

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Only God Knows

To focus on the fruit of faith is to put the cart before the horse. If there is a lack of fruit, the problem usually is with the root.

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Am I really saved by grace alone through faith alone?

Does James contradict Paul? When we dig beneath the surface, we discover they actually complement each other. One emphasizes the priority of faith while the other highlights the proof of faith.

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Am I really saved by grace alone through faith alone?

Does James contradict Paul? What role do “works” play in the Christian life? Is there a simple way to explain how faith and fruit are interconnected?

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A Controversial Discovery

Pursuit of the high ground may be an advisable strategy in conventional warfare. But in every other context, that tactic can be disastrous. Let’s explore what could change if you took the low ground.

The Battle of Gettysburg was fought during the first week of July in 1863.

How a six-word prayer for personal revival can unleash grace all around you.

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Until she explained why she was there.

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Our community ministerial association is hosting outdoor services every Tuesday of Lent at noon in a neighborhood park just off the downtown square.

It is not about you. In fact, what if their anger reveals their wounds, their insecurities, and their unmet desires more than your deficiencies?

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This could be a game-changer.

What if that which I am most tempted to hide would become a blessing if exposed, confessed, and taken to Jesus?

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Grace for the Weary

Articles for folks tired or moralistic religion and thirsty for the scandalous grace of Jesus.

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