Could Snapchat Become your new Favorite Channel?

Another great week of updates within the world of digital and social, this week I cover YouTube Go, Louise Delage and MTV making shows for Snapchat.

We live in a world where the tech giants think and act globally, companies such as Facebook and Google are starting to explore opportunities outside the western hemisphere and have India and countries in Africa firmly in their sights as they reach saturation in the major European and American markets.

These companies are doing everything within their power to be the first to place a flag, for the untapped billion or more consumers as these new markets start to open up and Internet connection speed improves.

So with that said here are the story’s that caught my eye last week starting with an offline version of YouTube.

YouTube Go

Google introduced a number of new products and initiatives exclusively for the Indian market recently including YouTube Go. The video platform has been developed specifically with poor Internet connection and weak signal in mind, with a host of offline and low data consuming options. Google isalso living up to their promise to bring Wi-Fi to hundreds of train stations across India, with their Google Station programme. Read the full article in Venture Beat

Bottoms up

Last week you may of came across the French “socialite” Louise Delage, who had gained over 60k followers in just under a month on Instagram.

On the surface there appeared to be nothing particularly unique or for lack of a better word special about her posts, that warranted her sudden popularity on the site. It appeared as if she was just another “attractive” person taking selfies or so it seemed.

It turns out it was an interesting, if not completely obvious (to me anyway) campaign from French digital agency BETC Paris. The campaigns purpose was to highlight the signs of possible drinking problems among your friends, and how easy it is to miss that your friends might need help.

The agency explained how they built such a large “real” following by following key influencers with a specially made bot, using well researched hash tags and posting several posts at optimum times for their targeted audience through out the day Read the full story on Mashable

The story of the week

Goes to Snapchat, the company now known as Snap-Inc, isin talks with MTV to make standalone shows and series for Snapchat Discover.

The idea is to make programs specifically for Snapchat, with the hope that it will not only keep its users on the platform, but also increase the chance of them coming back to watch the shows on a regular basis.

I found this intriguing and an interesting opportunity for the right influencers, creators and brands to really develop unique content on the platform. I know of a few creators who have tried to make weekly shows and even a Snapchat film however to date nothing has really stuck.

However that could all be about to change, MTV are taking this really seriously and have brought in some serious talent and created new departments specifically for the challenge.

It will be interesting to see if Snapchat can evolve into a platform that people use to watch their favourite “new shows” or maybe more realistically accompanying content/show made for your favourite, shows.

Add to that the fact that Snap-Inc want to move into wearables could their strategy, include special content that you get exclusively on their spectacles for example?

We already know that the major celebrity users such as DJ Khaled are getting more views than some of the biggest TV shows on the planet, so the potential for the platform is a big one.

Take for example Kevin Hart, who recently aired an all access television special for his new stand up What Now.

Imagine that had been a Snapchat exclusive, which could only be watched exclusively on the platform for a given amount of time…

It could open up whole new advertising streams and revenues for Snap-Inc while staying completely within the realm of what Snapchat already does so well, being the platform thats provides a look behind the curtain. Read the full article on Digiday Uk, I want My Snapchat TV.

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