How to do a favour for the leader in you

Matthew Celestial

Today — is another day.

And I was feeling like shit yesterday. Not physically. There’s something about being a type-A, perfectionist that’s actually quite toxic to one’s lifestyle. I suffer it.

Maybe “suffer” is the wrong way to frame it. But I certainly struggle living with it. To be quite honest, I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m perfect and then give you advice.

I don’t really have a walkthrough for you.

But I can assure you that you will have better days. There are so many reasons why you’re so much better than you think you are. And you just have to keep pushing yourself to work towards your goals and continue building yourself.

People have no idea what you’re going through. And sometimes, they spin your life story in a different direction — they don’t know your exact story but they’ll make one up and frame it on your face. And you’ll have days when you can tolerate it. But you’ll have days when enough is enough. I get it.

But it’s become this cycle of oppression — slowly growing into it’s own form of systemic colonization over your own life. Listen to yourself. People are telling you what your life story is.

Do yourself a favour and be kind to yourself.

Seriously. If you’re struggling to be kind to other people at least start with yourself. You’re battling a fight every single day. And because of this, why don’t you start by complimenting yourself? Think about all the accomplishments you have made and new ones that are fast approaching.

Be grateful

People literally come and go. Whether you like it or not, we encounter them for a reason. And with this in mind, we need to accept that this life isn’t forever. But our meaningful impacts with people leave a mark within all of us, forever. So — thank every single person in your life.

Embrace the changes

Things are rapidly changing. It’s time that we embrace change for our own good — but that doesn’t mean we should fully transform our views and values about life. We can still be our own unique selves and adapt to our drastically complicated life. It’s a process.

Today, do yourself a favour.

Be kind to yourself. There are so many ways.

Look at yourself in the mirror and actually appreciate how great you look.

Go for a walk and get lost in a random local store.


If you don’t want to do something, put your foot down and politely say “no thank you, I’m fine.

Take baby steps to making a healthy meal plan.

Thank a friend for chatting with you.

Work out at a new gym, alone and introduce yourself to new people.

Slowly remove people from your life who are slowing you down.

Write about one accomplishment that you remember — and think about how much a better person you are.

Compliment someone today, genuinely, at least once.

Thank a family member for simply being — even if you think it’ll be awkward.

Watch a random movie, alone, and be inspired to recommend it to a friend (or to suggest that they completely avoid it).

Introduce yourself to that cute person (who we presumably think is single). Take risks. And at least you’ll make a new friend.

Smile at someone you pass by.

Stop obsessing over counting calories and count positive moments.

Break your goals into steps.

Laugh when things get really awkward and embarrassing.

Re-introduce yourself to a friend who you’ve lost in touch with even if you don’t think it’s necessary and even if it’ll be brief.

Stop being a dick to people to feel better about yourself. You’re not cool.

But do build people. Even if you need to push them a little harder.

Build positive messages for yourself — once every day this month. And write it down.


Matthew Celestial is a writer on personal leadership and development during corporate change with a focus in the entertainment industry. He handled home entertainment and theatrical film release marketing for Paramount Pictures Canada, the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, SHOUT! Factory, CBC, NBC’s Chiller, FOX, and currently, ToonBox Entertainment. Matthew Celestial earned his degree at the University of Toronto.

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