The Best Ways to Absorb & Retain Information

Knowledge Hacks That ACTUALLY WORK.

1.Listen to audio recordings of yourself

Auditory learning is powerful. Record yourself reading your notes through a recording device. Listen back multiple times. Absorb what you’re hearing.

Figure out your learning style…


2. Abbreviate words while taking notes

Don’t write the whole word. Break down words to save time.



“Philosophy” = phil’sy
“Engineering” = engr’ng.

3. Record a video of yourself summarizing your notes

You are essentially teaching yourself when see yourself reading notes. Watch yourself, you are your own teacher.


4. Review your notes right after class & later that SAME DAY

Keep knowledge fresh in your mind. During your breaks in between class, review notes with any spare time you have.

Keep your memory working and active.

5. Use the Pomodoro Technique

This is a great technique I use to cycle work/rest intervals. The Pomodoro Technique is the cure for procrastination.

Exercise your mind.

6. Use One Class:

Save time, get course notes, study guides, and resources for your courses. Here’s the link…

7. Teach someone what you’ve learned

Teach others what you’ve learned in your courses. This helps you recall and organize information in your mind.

*TRY: Use social media to your advantage by teaching someone what you’ve learned via a picture/video. Post picture & video summaries of the knowledge you’ve learned.

Use SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms to ENHANCE your knowledge, by sharing.

Tai Lopez uses social media strategically


8. Look for book summaries

Don’t read the whole book…unless you have a very technical or in-depth subject you’re studying, which requires recalling specific information. Otherwise, look for credible online summaries.

Type in the book/chapter “______________ summary” (at the end.)

9. First read the whole page, then underline important points

Underlining/highlighting while you read breaks the flow of reading. Wait until the page is done to mark off important points.

Write down a summary of all the underlined points once you’re done with the chapter.
A book summary I wrote.

10. Create mind maps

​”Mind mapping”: act of finding meaning, through definitions of words and concepts.
Map your knowledge of a concept by drawing it out. Quiz yourself by creating a mind map of the topic, see if you truly know the knowledge…

How to Mind Map:

1. Take a word or subject, break it down, find/create your own definition.

2.Draw branches/circles to connect

Example of a mind map I created.
When in doubt, map it out.

11. Study when you’re the most alert

Study your highest priority subjects around your energetic rhythms. Figure out when you have the most energy, and focus your studying around this time.

When are YOU the most alert?

12. Work while you wait

During travel time and/or time you’re waiting, pull out your notes and review.

Repetition, repetition, repetition.

13. Use Acronyms

Break down knowledge by creating acronyms.


ex) Mathematics: “PEMDAS” = Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.

Takeaway Quote…


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