How To Unleash Your Inner Savage | Being a Savage in a Civilized World

Savage in the traditional sense is defined as:

Savage (adj):

Not domesticated or under human control, untamed, lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings, fierce, ferocious, lacking complex or advanced culture, uncivilized.

Savage in modern popular culture is defined as:

A Savage in today’s modern culture is looked down upon, making peoples’ eyebrows raise. Despite this, savage behavior draws us in, intrigues us. Things that are savage are raw, unfiltered, and remind us of our humanity. Being a savage grounds us with the world we live in.

Savage is our primal essence. This essence is not to be suppressed, but EMBRACED. Our wild side is not one we can simply TURN OFF and get rid of. Amidst the busyness and fast pace of our modern society, we have seemingly forgotten our anthropological history in the process.

By activating your inner savage you tune into your primal essence. We must not lose ourselves or who we are in our typical modern way of living. For if we lose our connection with the Earth and all that is natural, we lose the common bond of humanity that brings us all together.

How To Unleash Your Inner Savage:

1. NOT Give A Damn!

Do what you do. Who cares what anyone thinks or says about you. Savages are themselves and don’t care who knows it. Embrace the haters. A hater is someone who dislikes you, what you do, or what you represent. They thrive on negativity, criticism, and insults. Haters can be anyone. Family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

Dealing With Haters: Invite them to dinner. Feed their egos. Haters are your critics who expose and show you your weaknesses. They are to be embraced, because they bring you further self-awareness and insight. We should thank them. Listen to the feedback they offer, one can learn much from them. There may be a degree of truth in what haters say, which can stir up defensiveness and resistance inside you. But, if we really listen to what is said, and analyze its validity, we can grow in many ways. The truth can hurt. Own the truth, only if it’s yours. Make a mental note of what they SAY & DON’T SAY, as well as what they DO. Behavior and habits don’t lie. Always remember: DO NOT EVER internalize or personalize any negative feedback you receive. Trying to always appeal to others and make everyone happy can drive you insane. If you have difficulty handling haters, ask yourself, “Why does this person irritate me?” “Will they remain and be a part of my life in the future?” Depending on your answers, you’ll need to come up with a strategy on how to handle them.

Develop a thick skin and always stay true to yourself. Words do hold weight. But they only have the potential to hurt you IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO.

2. Listen to your Instincts

Listen to what your senses are telling you.

What you do sense?

If something doesn’t feel right in your gut, or you have a funny feeling about something, take it seriously. There may not be a logical or explainable reason why you feel they way you do, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid. Body language doesn’t lie. Instincts are there for a reason, trust them. Listen to your body.

3. Get Primal

Play. Train. Walk. Run. Crawl. Swim. Jump. Dance. Get dirty. Eat something straight from the Earth. Connect with the Earth. Go outside. Think. Socialize with others. Honor the natural rhythms that life moves with.

4. Make Moves

Strategize. Plan. Organize. Execute. The quality of your life depends on what you do NOW. There WILL NEVER BE A RIGHT TIME, just do it. As humans we wait…wait…wait for the ideal time to start a pursuit, which is the biggest trap we walk into. We tell ourselves that there is enough time, this is a lie.

No motivation?

Here’s some: YOU’RE GOING TO DIE. At any moment we could be gone from this life, not knowing when or how it will happen.

With this in mind, we must dominate our limited days here and check off everything we want to do. Savages get sh*t done. Who cares if you fail…you DID SOMETHING. You can proudly say: “At least I tried.” You don’t want to view your finals moments in life and have regrets.

4. Follow your word

Your WORD is BOND. Be honest. Have integrity. Follow through. Your reputation and legacy depend on what you say and how you say it. When you commit, commit. If you break your word, have an alternative plan to make up for it. And if need be, rebuild trust…if possible.

5. Say what’s on your mind. Unapologetically.

Some things just need to be said. This needs to be exercised sparingly. Right time, right context. You’ll know the moment is right if the message you’re about to say can benefit or impact someone’s life in a significant way. If you have a compliment you want to share, share it. Don’t hold back what you genuinely feel, you could be surprised with the response you get. Speak from the heart. People are not mind readers, don’t assume they know what you’re thinking or feeling just because you do. Say it.

6. Surround yourself with other Savages

Connections are a part of life, find and spend time with other savages who talk the talk and walk the walk. Be around savages who are about what they do, and the lifestyle they lead. Be around those who are grounded and embrace the person they are at their primal core.

7. Enrich your mind

Fill your mind with quality content. Observe how other savages think, listen closely. The stimuli that one hears, watches, and experiences is very important to the kind of life you live. Listen to music that leaves your mind flowing with spark, ambition, and drive. Music that makes you feel unstoppable. Watch content that adds to your character and knowledge base. Have experiences that enrich who you are and give you a sense of perspective.

8. Do The Unconventional

DO something no one else does, or has done before. OWN IT! Those who are novel, creative, and innovate pave the way for others to follow. Think of new ways to approach problems.

What hasn’t been done before? How can something be done better, or in a new way?

Technology has created an environment where competition is everywhere. Since there’s so much noise and chatter, it’s common that people’s thoughts, ideas, opinions, and actions can be drowned out among the sea of people. This means that those who want to be noticed need to draw attention by doing the unconventional. Unconventional means bringing something new to the table, in a unique, fresh, and authentic way. The way is stand out is to do the unconventional, get creative. Reverse-Engineer the “what” & “how” behind something and figure out way(s) in which it can be changed.

How do I or my ideas stand out, what makes them different from the norm?

9. Face Your Fears

Fear speaks to you. Fear is your teacher. Fear shows you your blind-spots, where you’re vulnerable. Fear shows you areas for improvement. Fear brings you insight. Embrace fear. If you have the opportunity to face it, it’ll be one less demon on your shoulder.

What do you do when fear calls you, do you listen to it, ignore it, pass it on to someone else?
What fear(s) do you have? What do you need to do to conquer them?

The way to go beyond fear is to recognize it, accept it, and willingly confront it. If you don’t handle fear, it will continually handle you and reappear throughout your life. If you feel the fear is beyond what you can handle alone, seek help. Once you conquer the fear you face, life opens doors for you. You will have the will, wisdom, and inner strength to approach other fears.

Face. Your. Fear.

10. Be Spontaneous

Savage moments usually occur at random times when no one expects it. When they do happen, we see the true nature of someone(thing) and the essence that moment brings. Honor and embrace your natural moments of humor, insight, hardcore action, and wildness. Go with the flow and let life flow through you. As long as you’re not causing yourself or anyone else harm, you’re good.

11. Tune into your senses

Savages know their surroundings and their inner states. Become grounded and tune your senses into what’s happening around you. Observe yourself and others. Detach from the situation and visualize yourself/others in the 3rd person. As if viewing a movie or playing a video game.

See. Hear. Touch. Taste. Smell

12. Learn a Primal Skill

Fishing. Using a Bow & Arrow. Fire-making. Carving (whittling wood) Chopping/Gathering Wood. Hiking. Camping. Outdoor survival. Cooking. Building. Options are everywhere!

13. Build Mental Toughness

Military servicemen & servicewomen exemplify mental toughness through their intense training and traditions. Here are some ways to build mental toughness from former Navy Seals:

How to Build Mental Toughness

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Winning In The Mind

Activate your inner savage. Time to embrace it…let’s GO!

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