Why I write — blogs as résumé extensions

Hello, and HNY!

You may already know from prior blog posts (you frequent visitor you!) that I’ve been trying to a) post more frequently and b) writer shorter posts.

Well, after one on Dec 14, here is my next. So that is objective a), met. Now to ensure I meet objective b). Read on to see whether I do :)

The idea of creation has been a particularly strong and recurrent theme in all of my pursuits in life. I even wrote about it in a prior post (What really drives you? What I learned over the years about ‘atomic drivers’). Creation is also why I love writing — blogs, poems, long emails..you get the idea right?

Allow me to demonstrate.

Yes, that.

The notion of putting pen to paper, er, fingers to keyboard, to elaborate on your ideas, to bring life to a hunch, to wax poetic about a feeling, its just so therapeutic.

However, this post isn’t about creation. It is about a delightful additional benefit of writing, rather, blogging in particular, that I’ve come to realize.

Allow me to demonstrate how I felt when I initially inadvertently started realizing the benefit of expressing myself through my blog.

Yeah, kinda like that.

What I realized is the benefit of narrative. I began noticing that my blog posts over the past few months aren’t just evidence of creative fulfilment, or outlets of exuberant expression, or even punctuations of important events. They do something more than that. They form a narrative of my personal and professional journey during that period. They have inadvertently become windows into my evolution as an individual, my creativity, my ideas, my aspirations, my topical interests, and even the evolution of my writing style.

My blog has therefore become an elaborate version of my résumé! What better way to present oneself than through a series of detailed thought expressions over a period of time! I now get excited to share my blog as a more fuller expression of who I am, to friends, family, colleagues, new hires, even recruiters.

If a résumé is an artful summary, then a consistently maintained blog is its beautifully elaborated and wonderfully diverse and eclectic cousin. I get a chance to elaborate, explore, present, decorate, digress, celebrate, accentuate…all being various dimensions of creativity…while serving my own desire for documenting and my life’s pursuits.

This, is why I (also) write.

…and objective b), met.

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