Why You Should Seriously Incorporate Quizzes in to Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

How asking the right questions can lead to a more personalized client experience

Ugh. I love quizzes.

Right? Who doesn’t?

I can sit around and just take quiz after quiz finding out a whole slew of nonsense.

By the end of the day I’ll know which mystical creature I am, which country I should live in, the color of my aura, which Friends character I’m most like, how many children I’m supposed to have, which Disney movie is my life and what kind of tree I am.

And getting the answer is always so satisfying that I just have to share it. Because everybody needs to know that I’m a Holly Tree and I’m a lot like Rachel Green (but sometimes Chandler Bing).

Now what if we, as inbound marketers, took this idea of “the quiz” and turned it in to a CTA-turned-landing page?

But not just any CTA-turned-landing page. But rather, one that works for you, asking specific questions in a fun and fresh manner, gathering useful information, capturing contacts… and being highly shareable.

At Morey Publishing we decided to put the quiz to the… test. And the results made us as giddy as a child on Christmas morning.

One such client is Mayava Capital Funding, a small business lending platform. For Mayava, we created the Borrower Viability Index, a series of in-depth questions that helps a potential borrower find out if they will qualify for a small business loan. What we saw with our quiz was that of those who finished, there was a nearly 25% submission rate.

For another client, Hofstra University, we created a college match quiz in order for students to see that Hofstra University is the perfect school for them. And what we saw here was that of those who finished the quiz, 41.86% submitted their information.

What we are discovering is that quizzes have a higher submission rate than the typical landing page.

When you think about the classic CTA conversion rate average being anywhere from 1–4%, and a goal conversion rate for a landing page being 20%, why wouldn’t you want to explore the possibilities of a quiz even further?

But that’s not all.

Aside from a higher conversion rate, utilizing quizzes also allows us to truly personalize our next steps.

Taking Hofstra University, for example, our quiz questions are meant to not only capture contacts, but we also ask specific, personal questions that will help us to further move them along the buyer’s journey in a way that is specific to them.

For example, one question asks whether a potential Hofstra student is looking for a fun, social, on-campus college experience versus wanting to be at home with their family in time for dinner. How the question is answered will determine our next steps. If a potential student indicates that they want to have an on-campus, social experience, we will move forward with sending them information on dorming. However if a potential student indicates that they want to be home with their family, we will send them meaningful content on how to balance college and family life.

So by asking specific questions that we cannot fully ask in a normal CTA or landing page, we are able to segment our contacts in to niche fields, making the next steps even more personalized and special.

And that’s where the value of a quiz lies.

Higher submission rates are killer. We love them. It drives the nuts and bolts of the operation.

But being able to even further personalize the experience, form a trusting bond and truly give the right kind of information to the right lead is what it’s all about. Remember, although we are building amazing digital platforms, creating remarkable content and crafting intricate campaigns, at the end of the day we are still in the business of people.

But we will admit, the higher submission rates are a much welcomed bonus.

I am an Inbound Content Developer at Morey Publishing. Learn more about our awesome Long Island ad agency & let’s be creative.