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October Mysteries: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!

The word “Hallowe’en” is of Scots origin and translates to “Saints’ evening.” But when we think of Halloween, our mind doesn’t make a connection to anything saintly. Exactly the opposite: Halloween is much more a celebration of our hidden shadow.

Halloween is like a carnival. A procession of alter egos, where the fun is to allow ourselves to be inhabited by another persona. The scarier and spookier, the better.

It’s a simple truth. The dark and mystical is compelling.

And today we’ll celebrate it by looking at the top unsolved mysteries among the 30+ stories published throughout October in The Mystery Box.

Scroll down to see our 3 Editor’s picks and the top 3 stories our readers enjoyed the most in each of our 4 categories: True Crime & Missing Persons, Ancient & Recent History, Earth & Space, and Too Bizarre.

The Wraith of London

“A devilish man with eyes of bright red fire and sharp metallic claws. He could bound over buildings and haunted the streets of London for prey. Just who — or what — was Spring-heeled Jack?” Read more about this incredible 19th-century mystery in Jake Clayton’s piece here.

Abraxas’, an Ancient Word Linked to Magic and Religion that is Still a Mystery

“From England, to Spain, and to the Middle East and dating back millenia, innumerable engraved stones have been found with the word Abraxas carved alone or along with a vast number of symbols, animals, letters, images, words of different languages, as well as deities of different religions and historic times. These stones have been dubbed ‘magical stones’ and entered the curiosity of many scholars and experts in religion, history, and linguistics.” Read more in this fascinating account by Richard Bruschi.

Unsolved Mysteries: The Vampire Killing of Lilly Lindeström

“It was on May 4, 1932, that Minnie Jansson became concerned for the wellbeing of her friend, Lilly Lindeström. Both women were prostitutes in the Atlas area of Stockholm and Jansson hadn’t seen or heard from Lilly for three days, despite attempts to telephone her and frantic knocks on her door.” Was Lilly a vampire victim? Read more about this mystery in Michael East’s story here.

The Father in the Basement: What Happened to George Carroll?

“On October 30th, 2018, one day before Halloween, Michael Carroll discovered a skeleton 8 feet under the basement of his Long Island home. He felt relief. His years-long search for his father, George, had finally come to an end.” Read more about this chilling family saga here.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Tej Chitnis

“The 27th of April 2016 was a special day for the Chitnis family. It was Jayant’s 60th birthday and they had a special dinner planned, something the Chitnis family’s youngest — Tej — was eagerly awaiting. Tej woke up, got dressed, and told his family he was meeting up with a couple of his friends for the morning in the centre of Melbourne.” Tej never came home. Read more about his disappearance in this great piece by Cody L. Pearce.

Unsolved Mysteries: Who Was the Boy in the Box?

“To some, 1950s America was a classic time of wholesomeness. A time when children could play outdoors, mothers baked apple pie and fathers went to work in their smart suits, never without a hat. However, for one little boy, this experience was a world away. Cast aside like garbage, his life went unremembered and unclaimed.” Read more about one of the most mysterious and brutal murders in history in Michael East’s story here.

The Strangest Day in Human History: UFO Battle Over Nuremberg

“Imagine waking up to see day only to find out that unknown and mysterious objects were fighting in the sky. And instead of seeing a bright-yellow sun–you see a red one. The imagery that popped into your head is what occurred on the 14th of April in 1561 at Nuremberg, a small German city.” Read more about what is known as the “1561 Celestial Phenomenon Over Nuremberg” or the “UFO Battle Over Nuremberg” in this fascinating piece by Winifred J. Akpobi.

The Mystery of Bobby Dunbar

“A century ago, in 1912, a 4-year-old boy named Bobby Dunbar was reported missing by his parents. The police carried out the search, and finally, after eight months, the child was found and returned to his parents.” Or was he? Soon afterwards, another couple claimed to be the boy’s real parents. Who was the boy that was lost and who was the boy that was found? Read more about this extraordinary case in AlienWorkShop👽’s story here.

Lost Treasure: The Inca Gold of the Esperanza

“It was during the 19th century that rumours first began to emerge that a large cache of gold, silver and precious stones was to be found at Palmyra Atoll, one-third of the way between Hawaii and American Samoa. The stories told of how a Spanish privateer crew had looted the treasure during their occupation of Peru and loaded it abroad the Esperanza at Callao harbour. The fortune consisted of 1.5 million Spanish gold escudos and an equal value in silver, likely consisting of Inca relics.” Michael East takes us on a journey to find out the truth about this lost treasure — read his piece here.

The ‘Call of the Void’ Phenomenon

“Imagine standing in a balcony on the 30th floor. You are looking down and you feel a sudden, irresistible urge to let yourself loose from the edge of the balcony. You want to know what would happen if you fell.” Read more about why the void is calling out to use in this great piece by zeynepgultekin.

There’s an Aussie Water-Hole with Screams Coming Out of It

“The Wilga water-hole is located 100 kilometers south of Longreach and, as it stands currently, tucked away on private property. No-one has been privy to the goings-on at the water-hole for a long time, but if the story is true, then perhaps it is best for all of us that the place has found its rest.” Read more about this chilling place in this fascinating account by Brown Lotus.

Strange Places: Tunguska

One of several pieces by Michael East in his “Strange Places” series, this mystery is among the spookiest. “It was an event that had the potential to kill millions and devastate an area the size of Rhode Island. A mysterious explosion in the Siberian wilderness that was a lucky escape for humanity, the blast unleashed a force that destroyed hundreds of miles of forest with the power of 185 Hiroshimas. While an asteroid has been blamed, there is no actual scientific consensus over what caused the destruction at Tunguska.” Read more from Michael’s story here.

The Case Where a Ghost Helps Imprison a Murderer

“On the afternoon of January 1897, Erasmus Shue alias Edward, a blacksmith, sent his neighbor’s son to meet Elva, the wife he had been married to for three months. He asks the kid to tell her wife if she needs something from the market. But as the boy walked through the cottage house’s front door, he found Elva’s lifeless body at the foot of the stairs.” But this is no ordinary murder mystery — and it was solved in no ordinary way. Read more in this piece by AlienWorkShop👽.

Mysteries of the Sea: The Cursed Wreck in the Gulf of Mexico

“The Gulf of Mexico is one of the wealthiest locations for maritime archaeology in the world. An estimated 4000 shipwrecks litter the seabed across the stretch of water. They include those in the nearshore shallows and those sunk in thousands of feet of darkness. Research has shown that 2,000 ships have gone down on the Federal OCS between the years 1625 to 1951 with thousands more being sunk closer to state waters. The Mica Wreck, however, named for the oilfield in which it was found, might just have more secrets than even archaeologists can uncover.” Read more in Michael East’s piece here.

The Mystery of the Silent Twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons

“At first glance, June and Jennifer Gibbons are like any other ordinary twins. But they were far from ordinary. They believed that to live a normal life, one of them had to die.” Read more about the silent twins in AlienWorkShop👽’s story.

More unsolved mysteries are coming in November as our publication continues growing with amazing writers and fascinating mystery stories. Make sure to follow The Mystery Box and have a spooky Halloween!



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