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September Mysteries

Hello Mystery Lovers,

In its first month, The Mystery Box published 23 stories about unsolved mysteries! We wrote about true crime, history, science, and a few bizarre events that didn’t even fit a category.

Scroll down to see which stories our readers enjoyed the most in each topic! But before that, check out our 3 Editor’s picks for September.

The inexplicable line in Dante’s Inferno

The opening line of Dante’s inferno has been mystifying scholars for centuries. Is it an invocation, plea, complaint, praise, dirge, or prayer? Read more in this great piece by Richard Bruschi.

A female Yeti?

The Russian-Mongolian forests have always been a home to the mystical. Is it possible that they were also a home to a human who was not quite a human? Brown Lotus tells us the incredible and true story of Zana.

Saved by the trivial

Not all mysteries are sinister. In 1950, fifteen people were scheduled to be practicing at a church choir when the church exploded. But neither one of them was there. All fifteen were held back by the most mundane reasons: a radio show, an unfinished letter, a nap and more.

What happened to the Jamisons?

In October 2009, Bobby Jamison, his wife Sherilynn, and daughter Madyson got in their truck and left. They were never seen alive again. The more evidence was discovered, the stranger the case became. Read the most trending story in True Crime here.

How Did the Springfield Three Vanish Into Thin Air?

In a June night in 1992, Suzie and Stacy were celebrating their high-school graduation. At 2:00 AM they spontaneously decided to sleep at Suzie’s house. Both girls and Suzie’s mother were never seen again. Read more about the Springfield Three here.

Was Tom Kueter a Killer or a Victim?

In 1994, Tina Marcotte called her best friend because of car trouble. Then she said her friend Tom is giving her a ride. Tina was never seen again. And Tom was found dead 4 days later. Read more here.

The Dancing Plague of the Middle Ages

For centuries, crowds of people danced to death. Their feet would bleed, their ribs would break. And yet, they couldn’t stop dancing. Was it possession, a curse, or mass psychosis? Read about it here.

The Aztec Princess Who Saw the Future From the Grave

In 1509, Princess Papantzin — sister-in-law to the Aztec ruler Moctezuma II- fell into a coma. Believing her dead, mourners laid her body in a tomb. Immediately, they heard her screaming. And when she got out, she said she had had a vision of what ten years later became the Spanish Inquisition. Read more here.

The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Disappearances

In December 1900, The Flannan Isles Lighthouse went dark. After a week of adverse weather, a relief vessel was able to go and investigate. The crew found the lighthouse locked and all three of its keepers missing. Read more about one of the scariest disappearances here.

What’s Inside the Great Blue Hole?

Throughout the last Ice Age, an enormous cave formed near modern-day Belize. Then the ice melted. Ocean levels rose and flooded the cave, creating the largest underwater sinkhole on Earth. What’s inside it? Read here.

The Yonaguni Monument: Man-Made Monolith or Natural Formation?

A pyramid with a stair-case, clear — cut right-angle terraces, roads and water channels. Is the Yonaguni monument a remnant of a thousands-year-old civilization? Or is it the product of the ocean and tectonic movements? Read more here.

The Intense Radio Bursts From Space

Three billion light-years away, a mysterious object is sending signals that have never been recorded before. Is it a supermassive black hole, an ultra-bright nebula, or something else? Read more here.

The Bleeding Walls in Atlanta

In 1987, 77-year-old Minnie saw bloodstains on her bathroom floor. Her husband found blood seeping from the walls in most rooms, from under kitchen appliances and the television, and oozing from the floors. Police confirmed it came from a human. Read more here.

The Mysterious Death of Mary Reeser

In July 1951, Mary Reeser burned to ashes in her otherwise intact apartment. Police chief Reichert described it as “the most unusual case I’ve seen during my 25 years of police work.” Was it murder, a freak accident, or spontaneous combustion? Read more here.

Why Do Dogs Kill Themselves at the Overtoun Bridge?

There is a Gothic-style bridge in Scotland, surrounded by stunning forests and scenery. Since the 1950s over 600 dogs have jumped from it. Read more about “Dog Suicide Bridge” here.

More unsolved mysteries are coming in October. Make sure to follow The Mystery Box and have an atmospheric autumn season!



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