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The Nafuloo Panda Card Club: Update

A little bit over a week ago, we launched the Nafuloo Panda Card Club (NPCC), a first-of-its-kind NFT project on Litemint (an NFT platform on Stellar) where NPCC NFTs serve as Master Nodes, which will allow holders to earn daily Nafulium (NFIUM) rewards. We wanted to give more details about this groundbreaking project to ensure transparency and accountability.

Background. The Panda Card NFTs each represent the 54 unique cards that will be in an actual physical deck of playing cards, and they are based off of a standard 52 card deck with 2 jokers. Like a standard deck, we have 4 suits: Money (diamonds) which is represented by the Stellar Lumens symbol, with cards colored green; Intellect (hearts), which is represented by a lightbulb, with cards colored yellow; War (clubs), which is represented by a rifle, with cards colored brown; and Power (spades), which is represented by an atom, with cards colored red. Similar to there being 2 jokers in a deck of cards, there are 2 Divergents (North and South) that are colored black. The cards are ranked as followed: Divergent North, Divergent South, Ace, King, Queen, Prince (instead of Jack), and numbered cards from (10 to 2). However, all of the cards are “face” cards and have names. As of 3.2.2022, approximately half of the cards have been minted and all 54 will be minted within the next 24 hours.

Beginning of Daily Rewards. In order for daily rewards of NFIUM to begin, at least 4 Pandas must be sold. So far, we have sold 3, and are eager for the 4th one to be sold. There has been some questions about whether this project is successful because all the NFTs haven’t “sold out,” or that it is taking longer than expected to sell 4. In order to understand this, you have to understand this project and what we are trying to do on Stellar.

Premium NFT Prices. First, we intentionally priced each Panda Club NFT at 2500 XLM (approx $475 at the time of this writing), which we consider to be a premium price for an NFT on Stellar. We did this because we only wanted to attract people who were serious about this project and the NAFU ecosystem. Our ultimate goal is to have a pool of Master Node owners, who have taken the time to understand the Nafulium Fission Formula, which implements what we are calling Social Mining. This formula uses a number of metrics to determine the amount of Nafulium that will be rewarded daily. The formula is intentionally designed to strongly incentivize Master Node owners to help the Nafuloo Ecosystem grow.

Timing. Second, unbeknownst to us, the war in Ukraine started right as we were getting this project underway. While we have continued to remain visible, we thought it would be extremely tone deaf to have a full court press going promoting the project, when there is real suffering in the world. We believe in this project so much that we were willing to sacrifice sales and “perceived traction,” to ensure we showed up appropriately during such a consequential moment. We, therefore, met as a team to determine how we can do so in a manner that was appropriate during such a trying time for many. We ultimately landed that, above all else, this project is intended to be a fun one, and that we want to present it as a way to promote the community, increase engagement and form the foundation of what we believe will turn into a cult following of NFTs, gamified tokens, strategy, collaboration and gaming on Stellar. Therefore, we hope to serve as a distraction from the many news headlines that are weighing heavy on each of us.

We need your help. While we continue to move intentionally and deliberately as we grow and build, here are some things you can do to help us out:

  1. Consider purchasing a Panda and becoming a Master Node owner.
  2. Add .nafu to the end of your Twitter name (not handle). For example, if your name is John Doe, change your Twitter name to John Doe.nafu
  3. If you purchase a Panda, add your NFT as your profile picture across social media.
  4. Like, Share, and comment on our social media posts.
  5. Be active in our Discord or Telegram. Let us know how you are feeling about the project, strike up conversations, network, post memes. We are only as strong as the community.
  6. Take some time to learn about each of the projects in our ecosystem:

7. Buy some of our Nafuloo merch and wear it with PRIDE!

8. If you own NAFU, NFIUM, or you are a member of the NPCC, then take ownership, spread awareness, and show pride because the project belongs to you. Don’t be afraid to give feedback, share ideas, volunteer, start a NAFU community in your city, and show us how we can continue to improve and build.

9. Please review our newly created NFCC FAQ and Roadmap on the NPCC website.

We are very excited and proud that we have made history on Stellar. Now it is time to start hitting our goals!



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