Aurora habet aurum in ore

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I love Latin proverbs. This one, “Aurora habet aurum in ore”, means that morning has gold in its mouth — in other words, that doing things in the morning usually brings better results.

It’s 5:59am, I have been awake for an hour, and about half an hour ago I decided to stand up, get dressed, and have a short, 20 minutes walk.

I thought a lot during that walk. I also “listened” to myself very deeply. I am embarking in a new adventure, potentially with two or three other partners, and I spent most of my walk thinking about it.

There are still some unresolved questions, but the morning walk, the empty stomach, the fresh air, the absence of cars driving around, they all made my thoughts clearer than usual.

I wanted to share this with you. And now, let me have breakfast, put my bed sheets in the washing machine, and get ready to drive to Palo Alto for a board meeting. The day is splendid, and I am very excited to see it unfold.