It’s Monday morning, now what?

Me, staring at the beauty of the Death Valley, a bit more than a year ago.

It’s Monday morning.

I’m unemployed. It’s another word for “entrepreneur” these days.

I’m happy. I left my last job a few weeks ago, and I promised to myself that it was going to be ok.

It’s Monday morning, May 1st, 2017. What will I make of this week? How will I use this precious time on Earth?

I have been an entrepreneur in the past. I was younger, sillier, more arrogant, way less capable of being aware of my surroundings, of my situation. I didn’t realize, back then, how important it is to stop and think, to analyze what you are doing, and what the plan is.

My plan is simple, and scary.

I have decided to build something very, very ambitious, and outside my area of expertise. I went from the Clouds, to the ground :)

At times, I feel the discomfort of not knowing what’s next. Not knowing how am I going to solve a specific problem, or even not knowing what problems I need to solve to get to a certain point.

It’s a constant struggle. But so far, I managed to find the inner strength to not care about fear, anxiety, impostor’s syndrome, and everything else. I have decided, in other words, to just go and build things.

That’s how the idea of the Naked Founder was born. I want to share my feelings, my ideas, my doubts, my questions, in the most transparent way possible. I am a founder, but I want to be “intellectually” naked in front of the world. I feel that being open will only bring a ton of benefits, and will help me get “in check” because I have to at least deliver a blog post to you, my tiny audience, several times a week. And if I haven’t accomplished anything, well, I have to tell you and feel the pressure.

You will keep me in check. That’s your duty. I’ll do my best to not disappoint you. That’s my promise!

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