My Daughter was Dreaming about her Ex-Boyfriend

I hated that he was back in her life — even if just in her dreams

A.T. Thomas
The Narrative Arc


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“I still dream about Tyler,” my daughter said.

Amy’s confession shocked me. I’d been cleaning her kitchen. I put down the pan I was washing.

“Matt thinks I should call him.”

“You told Matt?”

“I tell him everything — relationships should be totally honest.”

I could feel my eyebrows raise. Good for you, I thought — sarcastically. I wasn’t sure telling her fiancé that she dreamed about her ex-boyfriend was the pinnacle of good judgment.

“Why does he think that?”

“He thinks it might help settle my feelings. He knows I dream about Tyler a lot.”

“A lot?”

She’d been sitting upright in her wheelchair too long. The color was draining from her face.

“Go lie down. You don’t need to keep me company,” I said.

She stood and walked a few steps to the couch.

Tyler had been out of Amy’s life for 8 years. I hated that he’d shown up again, even if just in her dreams. Hadn’t he started all our problems?



A.T. Thomas
The Narrative Arc

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