Reading the First Draft of My Novel was More Painful Than Childbirth

Can I get some laughing gas to take the edge off?

Kendra Sparkles
The Narrative Arc


Photo by Lucas van Oort on Unsplash

Finishing an entire novel made me feel like a rockstar. I walked around with my head held high for days, practicing my autograph for when my book hit it big on Reese’s Book Club list.

I gave my novel some breathing room so I could approach it with fresh eyes. I waited ten weeks before reuniting with my literary masterpiece.

One hundred years wouldn’t have been long enough to prepare me for this.

I was excited to dig in. I knew I’d fall in love with the words I’d written on those pages so long ago. I was confident it would be a quick and enjoyable read and I envisioned only needing one or two more drafts.


(That maniacal laughter was also a page break)

I cracked open my laptop with a smile splitting my face in half as I began reading my beautiful words.

But then…

What’s happening here?

What the eff?

I wrote this trash?

Dear God, I must shield my eyes from this monstrosity! What was I thinking?!