Teachers! Home Schoolers! Is this the Answer You Need to Solve the COVID-19 Pain?

Craig Martineau
Mar 21 · 4 min read

Kids are at Home Time Pain?

Image of the International Space Station licensed to Craig Martineau from RawPixel
Image of the International Space Station licensed to Craig Martineau from RawPixel
Image of the International Space Station licensed to Craig Martineau from RawPixels

A few hours ago I saw a notice flash across my monitor.

I have been building a new blog website — a free one this time.

Then I heard on TV a teacher say that she was going to set up assignments this evening.

So I had better get a hustle-in-my-bustle!


It is offering “30+ FREE Online Teaching Resources for Teachers Affected by Coronavirus.”

It was posted on 3/18/20 at 1.15 PM so it is still pretty FRESH.

I will post fairly close to the way they are described on the website.

But you know I have to make some lamebrain comments, RIGHT?

The team at Capitalize My Title can puff out their chests — as well they should — for scurrying around finding all of these resources.

The kids should thank their lucky stars because I AM NOT a teacher by trade or luck.

That means that you teachers, you homeschoolers, you volunteers deserve all the kudos for the great job you do.

These tools are not geared toward teenagers. WHEW!

“I am going to only type a portion of the post since there are 30 items to type. That is a huge amount for an old man with numb fingers.

The Header:

Now if the tools hold up to your scrutiny I will have done a great job (I am going into this a non-educated OAF you understand.

The Tools

1. Discovery Ed

Discovery created a special Viruses and Outbreak channel to help educators discuss the coronavirus outbreak with students. (Remember to use my articles here and here.)

They are even offering free access to Discovery Education Experience through the remainder of the school year.


Main Website: https://www.discoveryeducation.com/

COVID-19 Offering: https://www. Discoveryeducation.com/coronavirus-response/

2. BrainPop

BrainPoP is offering free, unlimited use of their platform for any schools impacted by the virus.

This includes animated movies, assessment resources, and creative tools for distance learning.

Main website: https://brainpop.com

COVID-19 Offering: https://educators.brainpop.com/2020/02/19/free-brainpop-access-for-schools-affected -by-the-corona-virus/

3. Kahoot

Kahoot! Is a great distance learning tool. It offers self-paced games for students. In response to coronavirus, Kahoot! Is offering their premium service for FREE where educators can create their own games for students!

Main Website: https://kahoot.com

COVID-19 Offering: https://kahoot.com/blog/2020/02/27/kahoot-free-access-schools-higher-education-coronavirus/

4. Pronto

Is a communication platform that lets people communicate via chat and video. It is available FREE to teachers and teams during this time.

Main Website: https://pronto.io

COVID-19 Offering: https://pronto.io/coronavirus/

So far these seem like outstanding offers.

5. BookCreator App

Book Creator lets educators create books for classrooms. This includes interactive stories, digital portfolios, poetry books, instruction manuals, and more. They have offered a free collaboration upgrade for educators affected by the coronavirus.

WOW! Will somebody let me take their class. This sounds AWESOME!

Main Website: https://bookcreator.com/

COVID-19 Offering: https://bookcreator.com/2020/03/suppport-for-schools-affected-by-coronavirus/

6. Google for Edu

Google is offering advanced Hangouts Meet for free and they’re recommending Google Classroom for distance learning. They also list some great ways to leverage these tools in these trying time.

I don’t know if you’ve used Hangouts but my brother in California and I use it to communicate almost exclusively. Hangouts is AWESOME!

Main Website: https://www.blog.google/outreach-intiatives/education/

COVID-19 Offering: https://www.blog.google/outreach-initiatives/education/distancelearning-covid19/

7. Tynker

Tynker is a great tool for teaching kids how to code. It leverages Minecraft and other games to teach kids how to code in an interactive way. They are giving away access to their platform to teachers who are affected by coronavirus AT NO COST!

I’ll Sign uP! That’s my level of learning ability FER SHUR!

Main Website: https://www.tynker.com/

COVID-19 Offering:https://mailchi.mp/tynker/in-support-of-schools-facing-health-related-closure.

This app looks amazing. Chock full of one-stop-shop tools to enrich every learning level.

8. We only have 22 to go! Can I type that long? I don’t know. I just laid down for an hour but that doesn’t make up for the last two nights without sleep, banging away on the keyboard.

Their Media person writes: “Buncee gives creation and communuication tools to students and teachers through their all-in-one technology that empowers all users to easily create, and share visual representations of content, across grade, age and learning levels.” They are giving away free Buncee Classroom accounts to teachers through any clusures due top coronavirus


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Personal Stories; Curated Images, Short Stories

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