Meet a Milestone Maker featuring Georgina Miranda

Every week we’ll feature the Spring 2017 Milestone Makers cohort. The following interview is with Georgina Miranda, Founder and CEO, Altitude Seven.

1. Tell me your name and describe your business in 10 words.

My name is Georgina Miranda and I am the Founder of Altitude Seven, a global adventure lifestyle media platform for women. Altitude Seven is your place for a more adventure-filled life.

2. How did your business come to be?

I often say that adventure changes lives and I say that because it changed mine. Ten years ago, I couldn’t run a mile and today, I’ve climbed Mount Everest twice amongst a lot of other highest peaks in the world.

Adventure instilled confidence in me and it’s fueled me to do a lot more in life than I ever thought was possible.

It’s my goal to share that gift of adventure with others, particularly women. I also saw a growing need for a place where women globally could find what they needed to go do what they love without compromising function for style or style for function, a place where stories and information was relevant to our interests and desires, a place where we could align our passion for adventure and protecting the places we love most, a place where we could celebrate the beauty in our strength, curiosity, and courage in our desire to explore the world and reach new heights.

3. What’s the dream for your business?

The dream at Altitude Seven is that we become the leading global destination for women adventurers and travelers and really to inspire a more adventure-filled life across every age group, across every type of woman out there and show her that she’s capable of so much more. Adventure is for every woman and we want to be her number one resource and place of community.

4. Where do you find inspiration when facing challenges?

A lot of my inspiration comes from nature and my time in the mountains. When you’re climbing a mountain, there’s so many times that you often just want to give up because it’s really hard, you’re in pain, or the weather is terrible. In these moments, you really must focus on putting one foot in front of the other and that stems true for businesses as well.

5. What is the biggest learning from the journey so far?

My biggest learning so far in the journey has been to really focus on the problem I’m trying to solve and not be so attached to the initial solution that I had created.

6. What does the term milestone signify to you?

Milestone for me means that we’re reaching another point of validation and growth. I look at it also like climbing a mountain. You reach all these points on the mountain and it’s validating that you’re on the right trajectory and path and that you can actually do this.

7. What milestone are you committed to completing by the end of the Milestone Makers program?

The milestone for Altitude Seven is to reach 100% month over month growth on our site. That means that every month we would have 100% more unique visitors to our site. Ideally women that are active, love traveling, love being in the outdoors and want a more adventure-filled life.

The Milestone Makers program is designed to help early-to-mid-stage founders set, hit, and celebrate milestones critical to company growth over 12 weeks. Each of our 14 Milestone Makers selected into the Spring 2017 cohort receive the support of a personal business coach, a team of mentors, peer cohort work sessions, as well as curated classes to help them succeed with their individual learning paths to help them reach their goals.

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